Sexy s**

I am a sexy person for s**. I was at my dorm in college. My roommates, Jessica and Sonia, were there with me. They're both really pretty and we were well known around the campus. Sonia had long, brown hair. My hair was midlength and a very dark brown. I was 5'3. Jessica was a brunette with an amazing voice. I thought my best feature was my flirting. I had a great body, cool outfits, and brown eyes. Anyways... Backs to the story.
We were back from class and it was Friday. The three of us were laying down on my bed, just talking about our boyfriends. Then, Jessica said,"lets take a selfie" and we did. She took her hand and put it on my b*** and said it looks nice in the pic. I was like thanks babe, because we're such good friends. (All three of us act lesbianish sometimes for the fun of it) this time it went a bit too far.
I said,"wonder what it feels like to be a lesbian. You know like a girl and everything."
Jessica and Sonia nodded in agreement. Sonia asked me,"how do your b**** always look so amazing when you strip for zayn(my boyfriend)?"
I just said I wear some sexy lingerie and tease, a lot. Then we just touch and get closer.
Sonia saw me strip and stuff before. Same with Jessica. We've done group dares, and I've shown them videos of me and zayn having s**.
I told them, hold on, and ran to my closet. Closing the doors, I changed out of my pink polkadot bra into a sexy red bra that makes my b**** look bigger and rounder. It had a lot of lace and came with matching underwear. I out on one of zayns jerseys (which I keep for s** days) and a pair of booty shorts and went back. Then I began teasing. I wrapped my leg around a long pole I keep with me for s** days. I humped the pole and their eyes bared with excitement. I motioned for them to come towards me. Sonia got up and dragged me on the bed. I pulled off Jessica's shirt. She covered herself at first but then let go. I let out a deep breath with a loud effect. Sonia unbuttoned my shorts. She pulled them off and tickled my v*****. (I'm very ticklish and tickling my v***** turns me in immediately) I took of Sonia's dress and Jessica unbuttoned her shirt. They were both in they're slips. I still had the jersey and I teased them on the pole. I bent down revealing my b**** and then teased my bottom parts. My jersey soon came off revealing my sexy lingerie. We touched b****. And I complimented theirs. Sonia's b**** were so small and delicate, I loved playing with them. First, Jessica kissed my lips. Then, Sinai kissed my v*****. At the same time, I sucked h****** Jessica's b***. It felt so wild. We continued for a while. Then we took nudes and walked around naked. I sat on top of Sonia's tummy while she tickled my v*****. Afterwards me and Jessica had intense s** on a couch. Sonia and Jessica and I always walked around naked when we were alone after that day. I was still turned on that me and zayn had s** at my dorm. Sonia and Jessica invited their boyfriends and we connected all three beds. It was one wild s** party. I must of touched each p**** fourteen times. We took a lot of pictures. My b**** were sucked on and I made out. My favorite part was when I took out a few s** toys. Also, when people tickled my v*****. Anyways, I'm not a lesbian, I just have an obsession with b****. Also, if you wanna have sexy s** hit me up.

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