Tropical cheating s**

I went to the Bahamas with two of my girlfriends to get away from work and our husbands. Well I ended up being naughty on this trip. One day on the beach I noticed a cute young Bahamian guy riding around on a jet ski and I asked him if I could come along for a ride. This was after much alcohol consumed during the day. He gave me a sly smile and said only if you take off your bathing suit. He didn't think I would go for it but I stripped off my bikini to the delight of my friends and got on behind him. I held onto his muscular physique as we rode along the beach and it turned me on to know that everyone was staring at my milky white t*** and ass bouncing up and down. I guess it was the sun, sand, and booze but I was super h**** and started to rub his d*** through his shorts while we were riding around. He turned his head towards me and asked if I wanted to ride to a more secluded area of the beach he knew about. I nodded and we rode about a mile up to a desolate section. Once we got to shore I had him turn around and lay back on the jet ski, while I pulled down his shorts and sucked on his VERY LARGE d***. After I got him hard I asked if he had a condom. He thankfully had a condom in one of his pockets to my delight so I put it on and rode the s*** out of him while he laid back and admired the view of my bouncing b**** in the tropical sunlight. He then told me to get up and he bent me over the handle bars so my ass and p**** were fully accessible to him and he pounded my p**** to multiple o****** before he came.

I told my girlfriends all about it after he dropped me off at the beach again. I hooked up with him once more on the trip but he came to my room that time and we spent all night together. What happens on vacation stays on vacation!

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  • Where do you live?
    I want to share some drinks and my d*** with you as well, It is 8inches so you will enjoy. Leave a means of contact so we have some fun.

  • Wow.....let me know when i can take a vacation with you!!!!

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