My husband is a selfish p****

I am a stay at home mom with two kids. My husband works 2 jobs so I can stay home.Since he works 2 jobs..he acts like he is Superior. He doesn't lift a finger in the house. I get it and I am grateful and will do anything for him...clean house, s** anytime,cooked meals and packed lunches, clean clothes and well mannered kids with straight A's. He also believes that since he makes the money...he can spend it any which way he pleases. Thousands on expensive clothes, tattoos, expensive "habits". We have nothing to show for his 2 jobs. He also has a binge drinking problem.sometimes he doesn't come home at all because he partied too hard. He wrecked 2 cars already. I don't go out, i don't drink or smoke. I have no friends. My family comes first. He is slowly killing me. The last straw is that now, he is going out of state with all his friends for a bachelor party. Are you freaking kidding me? If he goes, I am filing for divorce. In a sick way, I feel guilty for telling him I don't want him to go. He says that I have him whipped and no other wives have a problem with their husbands going.the outcome is really that no one wins. Whether he goes or stays, one of us is hurt. I can't believe I have to start my life over at my age. I'm so disappointed by my husband. After all the crap I put up with for all these years...he chooses his friends over his family. I'm disgusted. I just needed to vent and see if anyone thinks I am wrong and if I should cut him some slack.

Apr 21, 2014

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  • The worst thing to do is stay together for the kids, they grow up with parents fighting all of the tie they will think thats whats normal in all relationships and then all their relationships will fail because of it. Do think of the kids and if he isnt willing to change then i think you should go you work way to damn hard to be tossed to the side for a stupid bachelor party if he goes id let him know you're leaving like when he gets back have all your stuff backed and what not or his stuff if you're staying in the house.

  • Just think about your kids. It's not fair for them either if you guys split. Fight for the family and not for yourself. Try talking and listening to him. 2 jobs is not easy and maybe it's his way of venting out...but there is always a limit.

    Sometimes you can't always be perfect and do everything yourself at home. Leave a gap for him. Create a thing that he can do in home with your children. Get 'sick' a few times and see if he cares about you. But don't always use it as an excused. You don't want to give up so soon don't you?

  • I'm with you girl, I'd be p***** too. But I also think he's acting out or reacting to something he is not happy about in his life. And it may not be you or the kids he is unhappy with. Lets face it, we all go through the blahs and since we're human we don't always find a constructive ways to work it out. In no way am I saying that what your husband is doing (drinking, spending, irresponsibility) is okay. It's harmful, hurtful and completely disrespectful to you and the kids. If he goes to this bachelor party, then you better be planning a girls weekend. And if you are without girlfriends at the moment, then one day a week hire a babysitter or get his ass home and you take off to go take a class or join a club or something so that you can find yourself some true support. A good talk is in order, even counseling..but if he's unable to change his ways then maybe divorce is the answer. Best of luck to you!

  • Sit down with this guy,school him on what a husband and dad needs to be and let him know that at the rate things are going,you are headed straight to Splitville.I am sure you have done that already-he sounds like an expense to the family. You will do better on your own than the stress you putting yourself through.Good luck,sounds like you are an awesome wife,mother and woman.

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