I Can Spot a White Girl Who Likes Black D***

I know that not all white women want white or black d***;just like not all black women want black or white d***. But after f****** so many white women over the years,I have come to the realization that, even in a crowd full of them,like a bar,concert school,church, etc, I can easily pick women or a woman who for sure loves black d***. Last week,I was in a small town at a bar and picked a random lady I thought for sure will click with me and talked with her for a while and we ended up in my hotel room.While sucking and f****** her p****,she confessed to me that she has been desiring black d*** all her life and she never thought it will ever happen.Another characteristic that I have noticed and enjoy is that most of these sexy ladies f*** me the very day we meet and that's so hot to me.She is driving 100 miles to my place this weekend to get my black d*** again.I think that is so sexy.I adore all women but enjoy white one more!

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