Cheating Wife

I am a 25 yr old woman in southern CA and I have been married to a wonderful guy for 5 years now. He is actually an assistant pastor at our church and to almost the entire outside world I appear to be a wonderful, church going, good girl type of wife. However, I have always been a very bad girl in many ways...

I lost my virginity fairly young and have been having s** ever since. I found out early on that the "wrong" type of s** such as cheating, having s** with men that were in relationships, etc, were yes, horribly wrong, but also horribly hot. I find these situations to be the ultimate aphrodisiac. My poor, sweet, good guy husband thinks I was a virgin on our wedding night. In reality, the very night we got engaged I went to a club and had s** with a random guy that I had c** all over my new engagement ring. Yes I know I'm horrible and a bad person, so no need to tell me that. I have cheated on him maaany times in the past 5 years and thankfully he is very sweet, and naive and trusting and has no clue how bad I am.

I cheated on the night we got engaged, on our wedding night, on our honeymoon, on several of our anniversaries and have texted him while being f***** by other men. What I really want from this is to talk to other women who have this same sick fixation on "wrong" s** that I do so that we can share stories, ideas, etc. So if you are a fellow horrible woman that gets off on evil s** like me, please message me on yahoo messenger. My name on there is jennytime212. Just tell me you're from this site and I'd love to chat about what you and I have done and can do in the future. Btw, if you feel the need to message me on there and tell me what a s*** I am, w****, evil b**** and what not, I guess go on ahead if it makes you feel better but I already know all those things so you might want to save your time!

Apr 25, 2014

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  • I play the church organ. I often cheat on my husband with a choir boy. He's 14, and his b**** drives me wild. I'm on the pill, so I let him do me without a condom.

  • What you are is human. We all get turned on by the forbidden, just some of us have more will power than others. You may be weak but that doesn't make you bad.

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