F*** China

I hate China, anbd I can't wait for: 1) their economy to collapse within 5 years (it will happen), 2) US, Europe, and the rest of Asia have enough of their s***, 3) North Korea makes them look stupid again. Now mind you, this doesn't apply to expatriates of China who are unfortunately ethnically tied to the place, but purely the Chinese of China who tie their own goals and successes with that repugnant government.

F*** them and their selfishness and lack of sense on just about anything. They don't care about anything or anyone beyond money. I've not heard of them doing anything good or constructive in the world that doesn't involve their own selfish goals at all costs.

Gender equality? Let's kill our daughters and not our sons cause I can only have 1 child!

Intellectual property laws? F*** it, we'll just copy the same exact innovations from America and Europe and just call it our own.

Global warming? We'll just become the world's biggest producer of green house gasses cause f*** the world.

Genocide? Yeah we're all for it. F*** Tibet and those backward monks.

Supporting crazies? Yeah that too! North Korea is the s***. We don't give a s*** about Koreans, we just want them to buffer us from the US. So f*** North Korea actually, but we'll support their nukes and human suffering because we care... about ourselves.

International waters? We'll just p*** off THE REST OF ASIA by claiming everything and that ended well for Japan, right? This is even though they have a Navy that's smaller than Japan, a country 3% China's size, and whom by law cannot have an offensive military force.

Social equity? It's okay, we're the world's fastest growing country but NONE of it will go to the people actually driving it, instead it'll be with our corrupt government and a select chosen idiots that we have to publicly humiliate in trial if they are stupid enough to get caught (which they are).

Did I also mention they tend to be stupid as h***? Don't mistake Chinese as smart because they're Asian. That credit goes to the Japanese, Koreans, Singaporeans. Chinese on average are dumb as h***! Not only are they stupid, but they have no other basis to go off of that people would go for guidance, like religion (they persecuted religion out of their country cause, f*** spirituality or seeking a higher cause than f****** things left and right, right?), so they act like c****.

I've never met a Chinese person that didn't just want s** or money. They're superficial and baseless. They live like animals, day-to-day with no higher goal than f****** everything in their sights monetarily or sexually. And they're easily frustrated on both ends cause they have no real basis for being confident, it's all fake. It's no wonder that SARS and other diseases jumps so readily between what they eat (about anything) and themselves.

I've never met a Chinese person who's not easily angered because the thin veneer over their superficial success is easily penetrated. Guys walk around like their still emperors, even though they've had a history of f****** things up so bad that they reduced their whole civilization and technological advancement by 2000 years. The girls walk around with a layer of makeup so deep you wouldn't recognize them in the morning. They're also dumb as h*** and also easily angry.

What's wrong with China? Their people suck and are no better than thugs who've recently found money. They're a country of Al Capones. Idiots with syphilitic morals. Their golden era of growth will end soon, as they've always managed to do in their history so I take solace. But for now, f*** China.


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  • So what?suck my d*** idiot.

  • I totally agree with everything your not crazy f*** this idiot below me .. Everything u said is true my friend

  • Wow man you are crazy. Go see a therapist.

  • Wow man your crazy. Go see a therapist

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