Im straight and i love lesbian p***

Im a straight 18 year old female and i just love to m********* watching lesbian p***. It just turns me on just by thinking about it. I get so wet when they start playing and teasing each other and start licking each others nipples and rub with their hands each others c*** and sticking fingers but when a scissoring part comes i just explode i just cant hold it, i mean they are rubbing c**** thats hot af! writing this im so h****! I just wish i could have a friend i could do this with and eat her out i mean start licking her sweet c*** and stick my tongue inside to taste her more and get back on her c*** until she exploded all over my face and kiss her with her sweet p**** juice in my mouth, just once!

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  • There's nothing quite like a woman's touch. i get so f****** h**** when a girl touches my itts, tongue kisses me and puts her fingers in my ass and c*** that all I want in the end is a stiff idck up my c*** to finish me off.

  • I am the same way. I would love to have a girl in the side, even though I am married.

  • Im the same way!

  • I know exactly how you feel, because I'm exactly the same!! I also wish for a lesbian friend to have s** with & tease, just once! But I'm not a lesbian, just get so turned on when thinking about other girls touching me or something! Reading your post got me soaked!x

  • Honey, you're bi, just a bit..and that's okay.

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