My Step Dad Is A Douche

Ok, my step dad works a job with some oil company & anyways he is gone all the time & I have a chore of dishes & garbage & a few other things. They incist that I use the dishwasher but if it isn't completely full then I get freaked at. So he got back today while I was at school & there were no clean dishes because I didn't start the dish washer so I woudn't get freaked on & my mom threw a little get together today & didn't turn on the dishwasher (I did prefer washing dishes by hand but all we have for dish soap is the stupid bars that go into a dishwasher) anyways my step dad decided to wait for me to get home from school & then he proceeded to freak on me because he thought that I didn't do the dishes & all this bullshit about how I should show him more respect & play my role around the house (btw I'm never there, I am either at school, work, my sisters house or my girlfriends house & when I am home I just end up cleaning their mess). He started to threaten to take away my phone & computer that I ha. Bought with my own money & starts saying that I don't do anything. I sleep at my sisters house most nights & I would love to live there but because of the claim that my mom made through the divorce I have to legally live with her for a year (next march) before I can move out. The worst part is that my mom won a custody battle, even though I wanted to live with my dad & was already living with my dad.

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  • Why doesn't your mom do the dishes isn't she home all day ?
    Sounds like your mom just wanted you so your dad can pay her child support .

    Whatever you do don't quit HS you want to do things the right way

    I don't know how old you are or what grade but if your a senior have you thought about joining the Army ?
    Once you Finnish HS sign up and your off to boot camp for like 12 weeks and you get paid then they will ask you what do you want to learn ? Then they will send you where you get your education .

  • I feel your pain I've got an a****** step dad too I've had to deal with his bullshit which included physical and Verbal Abuse for 10 years once I'm 18 I'm getting a job and moving out I dont care if it mean Dropping out of school im just sick of his s***

  • Don't drop out of HS you will regret ! If your planning on getting your own place you need a good job . So Finnish school and then go to the Army they pay for room and board and you get a collage education just go there for 4 years then get out and you will have money saved if you don't spend it all and you will have a degree and respect .

    Or if you don't want to join the army Finnish school find a good job , find a place to just rent a bedroom it's cheeper , with roommate split the cost and go to local community collage and get a degree so you will have a good job and get your own place some day .

    Good luck !

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