I have a p*** prob rhat borders on incest. It is way better than used to be but is still debilitating at times. I am working through it with Christ Jesus.

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  • Damn decent of JC to step up. So which one of you is the pitcher and which one's the catcher?
    Does he like to cuddle afterwards?
    Are his handies even hotter with those stigmata for texture?
    Does he only "rise" every three days?
    Do you two take that "body and blood" thing to the next level?
    I've heard stories about Jewish carpenters in the sack. Which ones are true?
    Have you replaced your p*** fetish with a sandal fetish yet? If not, why?


  • Dude, why would Jesus care at all that you're looking at pictures of naked people. Moreover, why do you give a s*** what a long-dead middle eastern man would think of your fetishes? Seriously, you could do SO much worse things in this world than look at p***. It's fine. Just don't get viruses or spend all your money on it or take pics of people without their permission or whatever.

  • Im a guy and youre not alone, im the same way but only with my first cousin its sexy because its taboo and looked down on but we keep it secret

  • I think a lot of people have a p*** problem. The best I could tell you is to stop ordering them (if you buy them) and to get rid of the internet access you have, that way you wont be able to watch them online.

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