I've lied about my p**** size my whole life

I'm a big guy. 6'5" tall and 250lbs. I have a size 13 shoe and size 12 ring finger. I'm big all over except one place. When I was in high school, I told everyone I had 8". When I got my first serious GF, she knew I was lying and wanted to measure it. She was always telling me "It's not 8" long". But I kept up the lie. Finally met a girl online who I met up with and when we hooked up she laughed at my d***. Actually laughed. When we had s** she said she couldn't tell if I was in her.

When I met my wife, I didn't tell her anything about my size. She has never said a word about it till about a year ago after 17 years of marriage. We were laying in bed after having s** and I asked her if she still enjoyed s**. She said, "Yeah, but sometimes you just can't hit the spot. You can't go in deep enough." Then she realized what she said and tried to talk her way out of it. I asked her, "Would you like to have s** more if I had a bigger d***?" and she immediately said, "yes".

So we measured my d*** and it's barely over 5". Yes, it's adequate, but a far cry from 8". It was like a load lifted to finally admit my true size. Women are typically who we think of when we hear someone who is unhappy with their body, but it's taken me over 40 years to admit and come to terms with having a small p****.

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  • I am 6-4 and 305 lbs right now. I wear a size 17 ring and 14 F shoe. I have a long and very fat c*** my self. I have had more problems with the size and women not taking it. Some girls I loved just told me NO, I can not get use to it and I give up. I could only have the rough hard driving s** with older women who were basic s****. Those who had kids, a lot of kids and again s****. Some of them complained when I drove it home.
    Fact; there are NO pleasure points beyond 3 inches of a womans v*****. Not a guess, its a medical fact. If you have 5 inches, you have 2 inches more than she needs.
    get past the idea you need a horse d*** and learn her v*****. Some of the best s** for my wife is the head going in and out, going in an inch or two. For me that's the best part for the head. That's where all the feeling is for me. I have put one girl in the ER with a vaginal tear, she said f*** me hard. I drove her and drove her heard. She screamed and I thought she wanted more, I drove her again. I pulled out a b***** mess. She nearly died from this.
    Get past the p*** ideas of horse d**** and the women acting like a p*** star. You give her good s** and she will shed tears of joy, she is not happy if the tears are of pain. trust me.

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