Wife tells me about hot s** in the past and it turns me on

Weve been married for twenty seven years. I knew my wife had s** with her hs bf for two and a half yrs going into college. Then we met had s** week latter and she broke up with him. what she didnt tell me back then they had breakup s** . When he came over to convince her not to breakup. That summer we dated . She started working at a factory.Where a guy kept comming on to her. They went out and had s** on first nite when she got drunk. She broke up with me. But didnt tell me anything about what happened.She had s** with him including her giving him oral s** in car and swallowing for first time. She left him.And went back tk her hs bf for three months and had s** several times. Untill we got back together again. Fast forward to now to when she told me all those things after drinking . I told her the s** parts turn me on and i want to hear about all the grafic details. Shes slowly told me stuff after a lot o questions.But i want to hear about all the details. How manny times they had s** in one night .How it ended. How manny times they did it total during whole relationship. I think theres more that she hasnt told me about the actual s**. And want her to tell me . But dont know . Is there anyone else that has a similar situation in there realationship. I like to hear all.

May 10, 2014

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  • I think some guy's are into this, my boyfriend has asked about my past.

  • Wife was a stew for major airline and f***** her way through the skies. Love the tales she tells

  • Have you had fantasies of her f****** someone else now? Have you shared that with her? If so, how does she respond?

  • Yes ive had fatnasies of her having s** with a guy now. Ive told her about how that turns me . She said she likes the idea . It turns her on .She would do it for real if i wanted her to.As long as im in the room with her to either watch or take part. But were not into cuckolding. We test it how it could be .By her having payed phone s** with a guy .While i was in the room with her.We both liked it, got turned on and got off on it .

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