Blackmailed B******

I got caught shoplifting and the Security guard gave me the option of calling the police or giving him a B******.

May 13, 2014

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  • I caught my cousin fingering her self. her family was VERY religious, she begged me to not tell. She jerked me off and let me finger her.

  • I caught my cousin jerking his d*** to p***. Knew he was scared about me telling his Mom and told him I could do that for him. Made him take his clothes and sucked him off. It's true, he came in less than a minute. The next day I forced him to let my friend Nancy m********* him. It was fun, plus he never complained much about it.

  • Something very similar happened to me when I was about your age. A cop caught my boyfriend and I, naked, in a van; after hours in a local state park. Cop ordered us to get dressed and took our IDs. He took me back to the squad car and gave me a choice (call my parents or give him a b******). Luckily, he didn't last long and my parents never found out.

  • Doesn't it make you wonder how many guys get away with this? This Security gaurd was old, fat with a little d***. I hope at least your Cop was in better shape.

  • Assuming your over 18, just give him a bj. Chances are he is hard up for one and it will only last a couple of minutes at most.

  • I was 19 at the time and you were correct he only lasted a few minutes.

  • Was he young or old?

  • Why does that matter? AGEIST!

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