High School L***

OK...I'm the teacher.
All day, I stare at the hot girls in my classes, wondering if they shave their p******. I wonder if their know how to give good head, and I imagine myself teaching them and watching their eyes widen when the first spurt of c** hits their tongues. I try to figure out which ones are sexually active, and who would be the best f***. I think about how I'd f*** each one--positions, attitudes, even how roughly I'd do it. I imagine them passed out, or deeply asleep. I take a breath as they walk by or I stand close to them, enjoying the fresh scent of skin and hair, asking myself what their p****** must taste like. When I'm irritated, things get a little more violent, and I imagine myself pushing roughly into a tight ass or hitting the back of a girl's throat when I face-f*** her.
All day, every day.

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  • You lay a hand on me teacher and my daddy will come and kill you and he is my HERO !


  • Yum I have always wanted to f*** my male teacher,I used to wear tiny little skirts and no panties,open my legs and give them a look at my shaved tanned p****.

  • Thank God there are girls like you in my classes!!!

  • Nah...I don't accept that guilt trip.
    I'm h**** for my students, but I'm a good teacher.
    You dropped out of high school because YOU dropped out of high school. I hope you finished up somehow and moved on.

  • I teach English, and the number one question parents ask me is: What's the favorite novel? I have to lie and say something respectable, like Don Quixote or Lonesome Dove. But the reality is my favorite novel, which I read every summer, is Lolita. If you are an educated man who is attracted to younger women, you should read it too.

    The back cover says what I feel about it: It is the truest love story ever told.

    Spoiler alert: At the end, Delores (Lolita) dies during child birth, and the older man she was with for most of the novel ends up in jail. I have the last line of the novel written at my desk, but I don't say what it is from. It is: "To make you live in the minds of later generations. This is the only immortality you and I may share."

  • F*** man, I am with you. sometimes i think it's a course coz i get so f****** guilty. sometimes i feel depress, can you f****** believe that? i get depressed coz i f****** know that there's no way in the world that I could taste this girls p****! hahaha! damn, I've thought I was the only one. I guess its normal, it's normal coz we guys are made this way, it's hard wired, it's primal instinc for a male species to feel this way. but when we're born and learned compassion, listen to our conciences, species with capable of moral acts, we had to live to the fact that we have left our animal past. now we have to live what society consider is moral and righteous. you're right, you get jelous to those guys that f*** young girls and gets away with it. I'd say savour it while it last, coz karma's a b****! still I can't help myself looking and fantasizing young girls! but that's just it, can't act or can't make do anything about it, nothing at all! unless you want to risk ruin your entire f****** existance! not worth it. it's worth looking and thank God, nobody in this world can read anyone's mind.., yet! otherwise what f****** madness will be exposed inside each and every men and even women's mind!!

  • You forget God reads your mind and every thought is being recorded don't believe me look it up in the bible .

  • If you aren't able to keep those thoughts out of your head, then you need to get out of education. You're kidding yourself if you think nobody is aware of your impulses and that you're good at hiding them. Go into another line of work, and stop placing our daughters at risk: one day, you're going to actually DO the things you now only fantasize about.

  • So no one can control their impulses?

  • Of course they can, and they do. But it's foolish to think that people aren't aware of aberrant thoughts and urges even if they aren't spoken. Just a look or a glance or a breath can give you away. And constant exposure to the source of the desire is playing with fire.

  • Granted.

  • P-E-D-O. J-A-I-L.

  • Pedo=child
    Sexually mature (and sometimes sexually active) teenage girls don't fit the definition.
    If you read carefully, you'll see I'm fantasizing, not f****** them or swapping grades for b*******.

  • I think this is technically "hebephilia" (attraction to girls ages 11-14) or "ephebophilia" (attraction to girls ages 15-18).

  • Certainly pedophilia can be present without there being any act of consummation. But if you never act on the urge, you're never going to jail.

  • Thank goodness that's true...

  • I get it. I have the exact same thoughts and impulses, and it seems that the more I try to stifle or deflect them, the stronger they become. I've been teaching for nine years, and the last two have been a real challenge in this regard, because there have been so many (a total of six or so) where I could only "look but not touch". I know the rule, but I still want those girls.

  • Ditto here. Seven years ago, I had one in one of my classes that I was totally aroused by every time she was in my classroom, every time I saw her on campus, and every time I even thought about her. I wanted her so bad I could taste it, and I could have had her. She flirted like crazy and made her availability known, to me and to her friends. But there was something about her that was just slightly too aggressive, and left me with the remote feeling that she would cause trouble just for the sake of causing trouble. So, battling all my lower and baser urges, I refrained. I hated myself for doing it, because I wanted to f*** her, and I could have f***** her, and I could look at her and tell she knew how to f*** and was good at f******. The next year she was a junior, and during the second week of school, I heard that she had begin a relationship with a married PhySci teacher and that they were going at it hot and heavy. I was insanely jealous, really out of my mind, imagining her in every nasty pose and engaged in every provocative act of depravity I could dream up, and I even tried to plot a way to get between them and take her for myself. But what I tried was ineffective, and I couldn't even find a way to talk to her alone. Then, the week before Thanksgiving that year, I came to school early one morning (I'm always among the first arrivers) and learned that the PhySci teacher had resigned, voluntarily, but at the request of the girl's parents. Naturally, he surrendered his certificate and left town, and his wife divorced him. I would like for you all to believe that I exercised proper control and restraint, but you know that's a lie. I just got lucky, though not in the way that phrase is usually used. And it was absolutely a lesson learned. I've never allowed myself even a moment of weakness around these over-sexed girls again. And I won't.

  • Hey Dan Beadle, are these the kinds of thoughts that went through your mind all those years teaching chemistry to hot little blondes at PV? Too bad you can't chase after them now.

  • God yes, so true. There is this one girl in my pre-AP math class that is driving me insane. She's not an incredible beauty, no big rack, no hot ass, but there is just something about how she walks, or crosses her legs, or plays with her hair in class, or stands slightly leaning against her locker, that just makes me want to grab her in the hall, pick her up off the floor, pin her against the wall and f*** her in front of the entire school. There is also something about her that makes me want to be owned by her.

  • I teach at a Catholic middle school, and most of my students matriculate to the Catholic high school right down the block. Several of my current students get picked up by their older sisters, who are former students of mine. I feel like the dirtiest old man (I'm in my 30s) when I see one of my former students in their high school uniforms, complete with big new t*** and ass. They like to talk to me about high school and how my new students are and how they hate their new teachers. And the whole time I'm imagining inviting them back up to my classroom for a "lesson".

    You and I are normal. It is normal for a sexually aware adult male to be attracted to a woman who has gone through puberty and whose body is ready for s**. In most countries, and throughout most of history, this would not even be taboo. I look at it kind of like Prohibition - passing a law against it doesn't take away the desire, it just makes people do it quietly.

  • Amen. As long as we keep it under wraps, it keeps the days interesting!

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