Am I a s****?

I feel so terrible. I have the worlds best boyfriend he treats me right and accepts me for who i am and turns me on so easily. I also have the greatest best friend she is like a sister to me and forever will be. I am the terrible one! because my best friends boyfriend makes my knees weak. We sexted several times and i want to stop but g******* its so hard. i know if we keep this up we will end up doing something in real life. i am so gross i hate myself and i know what i should do is stop but will i actually do it im not sure. i dont trust myself.

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  • She not you best friend if you be acting off on her man like that. It's on you now, girl.

  • I wouldn't say you were a s**** but I know a lot of people that would think otherwise. I sexted someone else whilst in a relationship with a great guy too and its really addictive. As a way to stop I suggest that when you go to talk to your best friends bf, you just message your own bf instead. He would probably appreciate the extra sexual attention and you wouldn't have guilt that way. If your best mates bf also does things that your current bf doesn't then you could just tell your bf some more of what you like, maybe that way he can turn you on even more.
    If you don't stop sexting then you may end up s******* soon and you have to think about whether you can deal with that guilt xx

  • Well obviously you like the feeling that comes with sexting and it makes you wet? So why stop something that you really enjoy.
    You might get the real thing but only you can make that happen so if you do or not is fully your decision.
    Does it make you wet?
    Do you fantasies about having him inside you?
    Do you think of him when you and your boyfriend have s**?

    If you answer these questions honestly I can tell you what's going to happen in the future.

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