College Panties

I rent apartments in an old two story house to college girls and live in the basement apartment.I know there class schedule and can slip in and out of their apartments without them knowing. If I was caught I am the maintenance person. I can't get enough of their sweet smelling dirty panties. Sometimes their is that white secretion stuff I like to lick.
The most strange thing I do is soak the panty crotch in hot steaming water and smell the aroma of their v***** while I look at the internet and pretend I have that girls panties and do the dirty deed to myself. THen I drink the panty tea and use my hair dryer to dry the panties before I go and put them back while they are still in class. I hope to get a new crop of girls for summer school.

May 20, 2014

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  • Leave him alone,I love panties,and will be trying steaming them over a kettle to release the aromas

  • Yeah but what happened when there was poo in them panties?have lunch with your pee tea?
    Laughing,what a f***** h***

  • =^_^= <(Bahahaha, fake as f***)

  • These girls had boyfriends back home they left every weekend to see from Pittsburg KS. They were freshmen girls. 18 years old.

  • Not even fake. This was true -it all took place 37 years ago.

  • Um yeah first are you for real? Second if you are, what your doing is a crime, but you already know that so I'm not gonna say anything else about that. Third that white stuff your so fascinated with, has it ever occurred to you that that might be sperm. Fourth you don't know what diseases those girls have, you could be setting yourself up for a case of STI. So, I would advise you to stop. (though I doubt that will happen, if you aren't even afraid of the thought going to jail, what are a couple diseases.)Just I hope those girls move out since you can't control yourself and I hope you get men next time. Gaaahh so damn nasty, I would wish you luck, but no I want your panty endeavors to be unsuccessful, I'm done. :(

  • Yes I did think about disease but these were girls from Kansas 1973. I d like to think they were virgins. It can't be sperm I'd recognize that and it was during the week, they had boyfriends back home not in this town.

  • Dude you need to control yourself.

  • there are no words to describe what a sick f*** you are. but you're also a criminal. and if caught, you go to jail. where you'll be raped. repeatedly. the whole time you're there. enjoy yourself, you sick f***. karma is a b****, of course, but karma will also f*** you in the ass. no one deserves that more than you do.

  • Do you think I worried about it being criminal? The taste and smell over rides any thoughts about it being sick or criminal.

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