Why is this happening?

I am 24 yr old female in relationship with a guy who is an year elder to me for over 7 years now.He is into a committment to marry me and though I say yes to him,I somewhere feel that I cant marry him.He looks after me like my dad takes care of me and calls me his wife and says he cant imagine life without me.And yes I had to say we are having a happy s** life whenever we meet from over 6 years for now.

But due to work constraint,I stay away from my boyfriend in a different city & I recently started falling for a guy at my work place whom I really feel magnetic.I feel I have a strong unknown bond with him even he shares the same feeling.We know eachother from 6 months over now.I go out with him every alternate day & this annoyed my boyfriend and he wanted me to realize it.I never lied to my boyfriend before & was open book with him.But now since he doesnt like me goingout with my him,I started lieng to my boyfriend.

My new guy knew that I was in committment & had a boyfriend but we cannot stop.We recently met in my place & made out a little(hugs alone)as I felt the love is uncontrollable.I felt his hug so much and it electrified my body.He had his own ex-girlfriend and was in some personal problems and was on medication for his schizophrenia after he broke up from long and we strongly believe that our love controlled his ailments and he is on no medication for over half a month now and he is totally fine.

We are even planning a trip this weekend together with his friends and planning to stay together in a room.Due to all this I'm unable to show love on my real boyfriend and he is totally disturbed and started bullying this new guy and we are noway able to stop anythinggggg.Me and my new love are also not in a plan to marry or discussed anything but just stay high in love as long as we could.We dont know what to call this nameless relation and we are high in love & since I'm not a good writer I cant express much about how i feel with him.

P.S my real boyfriend and me when we met,I got committed to him just because he hugged & kissed me as I wanted to be one man girl then.No doubt he loves me & looks after me like an angel.I had to say, when he hugged and smooches me or had s** with me first time, I missed or never had the feel I have with the new magnetic guy .I had it because I have to satisfy him.But later I started enjoying him physically and made up my mind I have to love him and had hot s** whenever we met.

Now the questions in my mind..

1) Do I love my boyfriend really or I got committed and assumed to be in love??

2)Do I feel this because I have a new guy in hand?

3)My boyfriend loves me unconditionally & why I dont get the feel to share life with him when he is superior in all aspects over the new guy I met?

4)What is this magnetic pulling force on the new guy called,love?


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  • I am the poster of this confession, mew and my new guy already had s** rather now i feel what love making is!!! The worst is, my first boyfriend is coming to my place after 5 months to see me, now I am worried as I cant move intimately as before & I tried telling him I am not interested & he seems completely broken with just the words, I am afraid I can never tell him truth......... where is my life going!!!

  • In high school i had a girlfriend for 4 years, i now regret it. i wish i would've gone out and done more... don't regret anything. just go, now.

  • You are 24. You still have a lot more to discover about yourself. Love others as you LOVE YOURSELF. To love yourself you must begin with honesty, being truthful to yourself first then others. Marriage should come to two people naturally. It should never be forced. It should never be duty or "the right thing to do". So lets keep it truthful and simple:

    1. Love (believe it or not) is a choice. No such thing as I must love him or her. You can, you should, choose who you love. Therefore....
    2. Do not commit to anyone unless it is a 100% smooth, loving, unquestionably fulfilling relationship and those take years to build.

    Deep inside, you already know the answer. It lies in the hard road which begins with a break up. May i suggest that you be extremely clear on the reasons or reason why you should break up and that reason should never be another man.

    Last, in airplane the flight attendant makes it very clear to you that in case of an emergency, you should put your oxygen mask first. Not others not even children. Put your mask on first always and then you can help others. In other word. Be happy first!

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  • I believe Johnny Depp once said if you love two people chose the second because if you really loved the first you wouldn't have fallen for the second.

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