I helped expose the B****

Well, I got revenge on one of my friends New Years! We were drinking and generally being stupid. I live in a house with four others, two guys and two other girls. We ended up playing truth or dare cos no-one had played it for years. It landed on my friend and I dared her to stand outside in only her underwear by the front door, with her arms out like a scare-crow. She was wasted so said sure. She stripped down to bra and thong and stepped outside. I knew what I had to do. She had her back to us and as soon as she raised her arms I grabbed her thong and pulled it down. She screamed and tried to grab it but i pushed her away, picked it up and shut the door. We all piled to the front room to watch, after I turned the outside light on!! lol!! She was there trying to cover herself while shouting at the door! I was going to let her back in then but my friend rachael had other plans. She went to the door and told her that she would only be let in after she pushed her bra through the letter box! The guys were getting excited by now!! She flat out refused so Rachael shut the letter box and walked away. After about five minutes of standing in the cold with only a little bra to cover she shouted in that she would do it. The guys crowded round the window and watched her take off her bra. Seeing her trying to do it with one hand while covering herself was hillarious. She flashed her well trimed bush about four times before she got it off. Then she realised she would have to expose her t*** to post the bra through the door. hahaha. I was wetting myself by this point. Eventually she posted it through the letter box and Rachael held it up. The guys cheered and laughed as Sarah, the naked one, tried to cover herself outside. She was really begging to be let in now! Rachael got the front door keys and went upstairs. She opened a window and threw them as far as she could across the road, she managed to get them in a neighbours garden!! Sarah took off, her white butt on view for all to see, and chased the keys across the road. She ran back and eventually managed to open the door. She entered to a sea of camera flashes as people took pictures. She was desperately trying to cover herself, but Rachael came up behind her and started tickling her in the ribs!!! It was hillarious. Sarah's arms flung about ildly trying to get the tickling to stop and all the guys, and me if I am honest, jumped at the chance to get some good full frontal shots!! Eventaully we let her get her clothes and she got dressed. She was p*****, but saw the funny side. Best part is she vowed revenge on Rachael for all the mean parts!! I can't wait for that.



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  • TL;DR-- the "not very smart mean girl" stank was way too strong anyway

  • You are a horrible person. You are the worst kind of bully! I really hope this girl learns a lesson and gets faaaar away from you guys. No "friend" does that to a friend. Grow up and act like an adult.

    sad thing is you probably don't see the meanness in your actions and will learn nothing.

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