A*** lick

I am going to help a girl I work with move. She is 34 and I am much older. She is a black African and I am white. She is sexy as h*** and I just want to lick her a****** and eat her p****. Any advice of how I can tell her? Has anyone ever licked an a******?

May 28, 2014

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  • You've got to go for it man! Licking Black p**** and r****** Black ass is the best. Tell her that you want to worship and adore her; spoil and entertain her; be laughed at and humiliated by her. The proper place for a white boy's tongue is in a Black Woman's ass.

  • Yes. Can be gritty at first, but hot to feel a*** pulse when she c***.

  • Have been lucky enough to be offered black women. from co workers to those I have met. have sucked the dark c**** and passed her ass up and raked the tongue across the ass. it made those I had enjoy it. One co worker got so hot she ask me to penetrate her plump little ass. Got some good oral s** in exchange for this.

  • How about, "Hey, I'm a disgusting SOB, who fancies his tongue to be toilet tissue."

  • Amen! she will probably pass a boat load of s*** and have you polish her a****** right up, have a little "tossed salad". what a dumb ass

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