Had gay s** with a straight friend

This was back in 2007 , be were both 17.
Backround: I had been in denail for a very long time (only came out in 2009) and had experimented with a few guys , but never more than oral etc until a holiday at the coast with a friend.
We had been friends from a very young age and drifted apart during primary school and through most of highschool but ended up being close buds again end of 2006.

I never told any of my close friends about me being curious or gay...
So he came with me on a family holiday to the coast... we ended up having a good time partying and meeting "girls" , hanging out with them , usual "straight" things.
One evening we got quite hammered on alcohol partying with some girls he picked up... we eventually headed home and he kept on goimg on about how he would have liked a bj or go further with one of the girls.

we got home and the s** talked eventually went over to asking wierd s** questions and over to gay question like have i ever giving a gay a handjob , b****** or kissed a guy before ... i immedaitly responded that i hadnt but that ive always wonderded how ir would be.
He then said that if he ever had to do something with a guy thay he would try it with me... i responded saying the same... I then asked if i would roll on top of him and kissed him would he kiss back...?
(So this muscle blond guy with his piercing blue eyes) said he would...onething lead to another and we were both naked , kissing,licking and sucking like too s** craved guys... he got up and got a condom , I then stopped him amd told him that i would want to carry on if it would affect our friendship .... obviously with his 8inch pecker sticking out he didnt back down....
Although he was my first and the pain was unbearable it was the best s** I have ever had...

Next day he was pretty cool, not mentioning anything about the previous evening but after the holiday he ignored me for like 8 months before he actually started talking to me agian... things have never been the same between us but wow what an evening..


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