No married s**

I always have to press my wife for s** or BJ's. She only seems to want to do it on her own terms and never considers my feelings. I've talked to her about my feelings for at least a couple of years but with no changes. At this point, I am thinking of either divorce or simply hookers to satisfy my needs.

May 29, 2014

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  • I feel for you buddy. Have you ever just straight up asked her what her issue is with s**? Tell her how you've been feeling about it and ask her how she's been feeling. People forget the communication aspect in marriage. Marriage doesn't have to be sexless. If it is then there is an underlying issue that needs to be tended to. Idk if you're into it but you can also get a fleshlight...its not the real thing but its better than ruining your marriage over not being able to have s** as you would like.

  • Ok heres what I have to say. there's two parts of a marriage. the one that is focused on accomplishments, kids, work, etc. then there is the other part. that's the part sectioned on s** and love. I am sitting in my room right now frustrated with my wife. you see, she hasn't given me any s**, oral or otherwise in weeks. I am dying here. she is the only one working and I just graduated from college. I don't know if it is because I didn't find a job yet or because she just doesn't love me anymore. I would like to think the latter. either way one day I was doing my due diligence while trying to turn her on and she asked me if I had completed my resume. well i'll tell you what, I lost my hardon and went to sleep. I was so p***** with her that I haven't touched her since. I couldn't believe that she thought that was a good time for a question like that. I was absolutely livid with her decision. ever since then I have felt that she wasn't going to give anything sexual until I found a job. the way I feel now I will never touch her again. so listen to these people when they say talk to her about it. it could save you a lot of grieve......

  • You should ask her why she does not want s**. if she is not enjoying it; tell her you need to have s** to get better. The more you have the better it will feel. the longer it will last.
    Woman are big on passion, try giving her a massage and move into s** right after. She may want more touching and feeling. if she drinks, get her drunk and f*** the h*** out of her.
    Spend the day in bed, fix her food or order delivery. just find out what feels good for her.
    I had a live in girl friend, she loved the feeling of the head going in and out. So I lubed up and that's how I f***** her. using the head only in and out until she could not stand it any more. I could then get what I wanted, could rill as deep as I liked.
    I have worked with couples to fix s** problems.

  • Oh how i know the feeling... basically, i only get s** when she's h**** and really, that's the only option anyway, otherwise she's not into it and it's lame anyway. i haven't found a solution either and it's very unnerving.

  • A lot of guys have this issue. A third option is to find a clean married guy to exchange favors with. The wife wouldn't suspect anything since you're straight. And you can get frequent blow jobs that won't cost a dime.'d have to return the favor, but it might be worth it.

  • Have you tried taking her out to a romantic dinner? Or bringing her flowers. Do the dishes? Watch the kids? Treat her to a massage? etc..Women respond to other things to get in the mood. When you talk to her about your feelings/needs, what are her answers? Does she say she'll at least try? Or what are her requests? Have you tried counseling?

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