I am not a f****** virgin.

My husband swears he doesn't care about my past but anytime any of the guys from my past comes up.he asks if I have slept with them. I don't want to lie so I tell him the truth and he gives me the cold shoulder fort c*** of a sister wife who treats me like I am a second class citizen on a regular basis. I think about suicide almost daily at this point and he wonders why I don't sleep at night anymore.

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  • This is something that you should have talked about more before marriage. Depending on your age and social status and if you have children or not its hard to give advice on this. However, what I have learned is you can not fight the world. The world is as it is and things happen and you can't stop anything or anyone from doing anything. This is something he must learn to accept and understand. If he married you he must love you or like you but his feelings are probably from insecurity about himself or his own past or past relationships. Theres no reason to feel bad about yourself because you lived your life and had fun and you still can and can be happy with him if you want or find someone else to live your life with or be single for a bit longer possibly. If you decide that your marriage is a long term thing and you want to be with him and you learn more about where his feelings or comments stem from there are things you can do to try to fix that specific problem. Guys are sadly ran by their p**** and sexual feelings and on their sexual status. If you learn he is mad about your past because of inadequate feelings about his own self or sexual history or abilities learn to play off that maybe or try to make him feel better about himself. Then he'll not be so angry about your past or you can use his feelings to make something new of your guys s** life. Without s** any marriage is doomed so it's an important issue to address. By doing this it may solve the problem of his mean comments or attitude and it will make you not feel how you do about your own self. You have to be happy about yourself because you are your own best friend or enemy so don't let or give anyone the power to make you feel bad about yourself. If you find that this is a problem that can not be fixed by what I have suggested then you should and need to find someone who will make you feel good but if you love him first try what I have said. Hope it works out and if you need anything pls post.

  • So pack your s*** an leave. I did. My ex-wife used to interrogate me every time I came home from where ever it was I went. I could hear her do a sniff-check when I kissed her. After 3 years of that I said AMF and hit the road.

  • Gees lady just f*** him off life is far too short to put up with s*** like that.
    There are many other people that will like you.

  • Jesus still loves you though your past is rough. Make what you have left of your life count for God.

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