Nasty Ass Fetish

I have a fetish for dirty a**** and scat. My wife has no idea for years I've gone through our hamper and licked clean the dirty back end of her panties. That when we have s** I pray that her a****** is dirty so that I could have a good taste of her nasty ass.

Worst of all it has led me to molest one of my wife's friends. I confess that one day my wife's sexy Latina friend slept over the house after a night of going out with the girls. She is gorgeous and has even been in several beauty pageants. She came home with the wife, both extremely drunk, my wife went to sleep in bed, and her friend passed out on the couch. For years I've been going through her hamper to sniff her dirty undies, so to some extant I kind of know what odors/tastes her genitals produce. When she was passed out I made sure she was sleeping, she didn't even budge when I shook her roughly.

So I went to work, I lifted up her skirt, shaking and nervous as h***. I looked at her beautiful ass, for a skinny girl she has a big bubble butt. Her thong was wedged in deep in her cheeks. I pulled out the thong out of her ass, spread her cheeks and looked at her a******. A very dark brown a***! I brought my nose really close to her ass and sniffed. Her ass smelled really strong! I pulled out my d*** and jerked off while I sniffed her dirty a******. After I built up some courage I stuck my tongue in her b********!

I have eaten quite a few nasty dirty a**** in my life, but I have to say she was the nastiest I've ever had, the taste of heavy musky sweat and stale s*** made me gag quite hard. I kept at it though, eventually I had as much of my tongue up her p*** shoot as I could fit. I came so hard licking her b*******! I shot my load all over her leg and placed her thong back, wiped her leg clean and went over to her face and kissed her. The whole time she didn't move.

The next morning over breakfast I heard her ask my wife is she could take a shower because she didn't feel so fresh down there, she also asked for a toothbrush because she could smell her own breath was bad!

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  • I never thought about doing that. I admit sounds good. I want to lick my wifes a****** but she will not even let me put my finger up her a******. I tried and she said don't do that. I like to smell my finger with her a*** stuff while I pump her. I tried to get another lady interested in letting me lick her a*** but I never got the nerve to ask.

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