My friends let me do a 3 some with them

I was 15 and hormones raging. My friend was in his mid 20's and his wife was few years younger. She was not fat, but muscular and had huge hanging breast. He complained she never had an o*****. he worried it may be him and worried this might be for ever. They had a baby daughter and she was with her grand parents on the weekends.
One night on the way home from a ball game, he offered me to join them. No he and I, just he and I taking turns on her until she finally had one.
When we got there she ask, What did he say? He said yes,
He and I had a few shots of whiskey and she had the room ready. Candles and music set up. he said lets start by he and her having s**, and when he c*** I jump right in after.
he got close and got off, he let her j*** him off and when he finished I got on her. he left the room and came back later. I lasted about 10 minutes and was ready to climax. She said keep going, enjoy it. She worked it up to me and I finished in side her. he tagged me like a pinch runner and got on. She laid there and looked at him, nothing at all. he finished in her this time as I did.
We did this many times that night, I put her on all 4's and got behind her. Got her t*** in me hand, nothing.
She had me over one day by me self, I got her an o***** orally, but that was it.

Jun 5, 2014

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