Wife acted out fantasy as nude dancer.

Entered wife in a happy hour amateur nude dance contest. It was a fantasy of hers and we got talking about it couple of night ago when we were at a nude dance club. Located a club in a rough part of town but they did have the amateur contest going Wednesday nite so we called and set it up. Arrived about 5PM to a parking lot all ready packed with a lot of pick up trucks with building materials and tools in back and panel trucks with ladders... Obviously a working mans watering hole. Huge room bar and stage running around three sides with tables in middle. Bar acted as runway for girls who had to dance around the beer bottles. Met manager and he was OK. Said place could gets little rough so don't be surprized if she got mauled a little and maybe a t** pinched or p**** grabbed. Couple bouncers took care if anything got serious. Began to have second thoughts but Pat was charged up for it.
He explained the contest was rigged and three of the girls were regular dancers and would split the $100. Pat would get a big thanks. ANyway he liked what he saw..5'6, 105# 36C-24-35 big nippled t*** all over tan. THought she would be a big hit with those t***. Got a seat at the bar and we watched the "competition" Pretty uninspired and bit boring. !000 yard stare at back wall. They ok on the stripper poles however.
Was Pats turn and she came out dressed in high heels, mini skirt and blouse. Looked like she just came from the office and was a real amateur. Crowd got into her right away. SHe cover the whole bar/stage area giving the guys at the bar ( about 40) a preview of what was to come. Got back to center stage and shed the blouse exposing a sheer see through bra. Nipples pushing to get free. Lot of noise from guys shouting "take it off". "show us your t***" etc. Not a suit and tie group. Bra came off and she tweaked her nipples and humped the stripper pole a bit. Workers loved it. She pranced around bending over and giving the customers a shot at her panty less p****. than mini went and she was stark naked in the spotlight and obviously loving it as the room eye f***** her and a bunch of Spanish shouted out which was probably raunchy. I was increditably turned on by the vision of my wife naked in front of 100 or so hard c**** that would f*** her at a moments chance. She made love to the pole for awhile and than proceeded to work the bar squatting down and spreading her legs right in front of the guys at the bar. They were staring at her smoking open p**** from two feet away. SUre enough some drunk got this hand on the that lovely mound and the bouncer escourted him off the bar to a table. No harm done. Can't tell how charged up I got watching her naked in this group of rough necks. She was absoutly steaming with a "f*** me"look for everybody. Later said she almost had an o***** pushing her p**** into those guys faces. H*** so did I...When her third song was over the manager motioned for her to stay up there for another. She on stage for over 15 minutes having eye s** with every man in the place. Came off the stage dropped her clothes off with me at the bar and went back out into the table area naked and super turned on. Said she got felt up a lot t*** squeezed and offers to go out in the parking lot.,,.,SHe donated her tips to the bar tip jar we walked out with her wearing the mini and the blouse thrown over shoulder proudly letting her bare t*** show the way.
Barely got in the door before she was ripping at my clothes wanting to f***. Must admit I have never ever seen her so turned on. That experience was a fantastic chance for her to totally show her real feelings. I have turned loose a tiger that I hope I can keep under some semblance of control. If you want to hear more about my amazingly lustful woman email us.


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  • Holy smokes! So f****** hot! I can only imagine what a turn on that was. You said she got felt up. Does that mean guys touched her p**** or just grabbed her ass and t***? I'd love to hear more.

  • Oh yeah...Not while on stage but when she went down into the table area nude and did a few lap dances she got handled quite a bit. T*** nipple pinching, hands on her p****, couple of guys tries to finger her. She admitted she got so hot on stage she almost had an o*****. Huge turn on for her. Likes to bare her body so being able to get naked in front of a bunch of h****, and even play with herself a little while dancing, was hot. Said she had never felt so h**** herself that night. Go to profile and if you want to see her picture fan me.

  • That is incredible story. You are a lucky guy. Did she ever do another performance???

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