I paid a young girl for s**

This happened over 25 years ago,

I walked out of a bar when a young girl ask me if I had a girl friend. Would I like to rent her for a while? She wanted to have s** and picked me. She just needed some money for food.
I got her in my work van and turned on the lights. She got undressed and in the back. I looked for marks of drug use, she told me: I don't use drugs, I just want to get some food. She was pretty thin but looked very young. I ask if she was 18, Oh yes I am 18.
She did not know what she was doing, te b******* may have been her first. when I pushed it in her she sure did not seem comfortable with it. not her first time, but she was not a seasoned veteran of the bed.
as I got going I looked to her for signs of an o*****, it took a loooonnng time, but she got comfortable and had one. Not the normal I know whats coming, the wow that was strange but nice. I did not have a condom but I did not finish in her. I figured she was not prepared for that either.
I took her to my apartment and fixed her some dinner. I let her shower and wash her clothes. She told me she had run away from home. I let her use my phone and spend the night. The next day I dropped her at the bus station. bought her a ticket back home. She tried to give me the money I had paid her. I let her keep it. She ask if I expected more s** for the bus ticket. I told her no, just go back home and stop selling her self.

Jun 6, 2014

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  • As long as she was legal like you report then you did well. Personally if she was legal i would have bonked her again for the ticket since she offered. She likely enjoyed the s** if she offered round two.

  • Thanks for getting her the ticket,hope she went home. I have a daughter in their early 20s,when I met their mom she was barely 18 and a run away.When she finally arrived at my apartment,she refused to leave.

  • This would have been a great story if you had not taken advantage and had s** with her.

  • I did not take advantage of her, she ask me, she WANTED s**.

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