LA sucks

Ive noticed in hockey that the kings have no F*CKING DIGNITY theyre the worst next to the canadians they take out the goalie in attempts to score how cheap could you be, just admit it Everyone from LA Sucks! and i do mean EVERYONE, dont worry the Rangers are STILL the BEST team in the league we dont need ta cheat ta win #WINNING

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  • It's called ice hockey. Proper hockey is played with a ball on a pitch by civilised people. Get your facts straight!

  • Kings are the biggest cheaters in the NHL intentionally missed calls and illegal hits that never get called theyre ass of the NHL and nothing more then a joke team that condor nosed coach bought off the LA refs we dont play cheap in NY we're a real team not a bunch of p****** like the kings aka the LA Queens #biggest-cheats-of-all-time

  • Yes. Sports. Indeed, I too enjoy the sportsing life. Canada flavored sports.

  • Hashtaghahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha hashtagloserloserloserloserloserloserloserloserloserloser hashtagnewyorksucksnewyorksucksnewyorksucksnewyorksucks

  • Wow i have NO respect for ANY LA team especially the kings, they create a fake tripping penalty followed by goalie interference that suspiciously never got called oh wait thats LA even the referees have no talent f***** cheats #playwithdignity

  • Hey kings hows it feel ta get cheated! haha #nocupforyou go rangers

  • Kings are still the 2nd cheapest team next to the habs, and LA has no talent look at kobe a f***** ball hog not ta mention some of the worst music came from LA like biggie and tupac

  • I honestly don't know whether or not the Kings have no f****** dignity, but I know this for certain: the Rangers have no f****** wins. And I know one other thing: the Stanley Cup series is now over.

  • Hashtagyouassholesaredowntwogamesandareabouttogetyournewyorkassesswept . . . . hashtagcouldnthappentoanicerbunchofsyphilishavingmotherfuckers

  • hashtagnowyouredownTHREEgamessaygoodnightnow

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