I Am Addicted To Sucking C*** And My Wife Has No Idea

I gave my very first b****** when I was 14 years old to my cousin. I was immediately hooked. I loved it and couldn't get enough. Throughout our teenage years I was his personal c*********, servicing him anytime and as often as he desired. When I got married I didn't slow down. He would stop by my house on his way to work to get serviced 3 or 4 times a week.

When my wife and I had been married for 9 years my family and I moved away for work reasons I suddenly found myself craving sucking c*** and eating c**. I searched frantically for months for a replacement to feed me regularly, but found none. Other than one chance encounter with a staranger, I had sucked off no one but my cousin in all of those years, so I was lost as to how to find c***. I found a few bathrooms with gay activity and was able to occasionally suck off some stranger to help keep my urges under control, but it wasn't enough. I soon discovered p*** shops with gloryholes and began sucking off total strangers to feed my need. I would visit the p*** shops at least once a week and suck off every c*** that I could, sometimes sucking off as many as 7 men in a row. I didn't care who the guy was, if he got hard and fed me s**** then that was all I wanted or needed.

I have been married 21 years and my wife has no idea. During the 13 years since our move I have sucked off over 400 men, nearly all of them total strangers through the gloryhole. Along with my cousin I have had three other regular feeders. Between my cousin, the other two regular feeders and gloryhole c*** I estimate that I have given approximately 1900 b******* and swallowed every single drop of delicious c** that has been fed to me and I have no intentions of stopping.


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  • I have been bi for 6 years, I love sucking c***!

  • I wish you were my cousin

  • I wish I was too. It is hard to find a guy who appreciates having another guy be his personal c*********.

  • Call me!!

  • I could just as easily be killed in a car wreck. Should I stop driving too? Perhaps I shouldn't go swimming because I could drown. Or maybe I should stop eating because I could choke to death.

  • Seems silly to mention now but watch out for diseases.

  • Yep, you could very easily wind up with AIDS you dumb ass

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