Panties...I Love 'Em

I have a panty obsession. I am 24 years old and I love fantasizing about Girls I know personally in their panties. I've looked through the panty drawers of about 12 girls I know (mostly mutual friends through my girlfriend). I would often go through and m********* to panties belonging to my girlfriend's roommates and sorority sisters. I don't believe any of them ever caught on.
When I would be at my gf's house and no one was home...that's when I would act. A part that got me off was the RUSH. The RUSH of sometimes having to break into their bedrooms if the door was locked. Having the freedom to try on their panties, wrap each pair around my c*** and take pictures of their panties and private panty drawers got me off so much.
There were moments when I went to extremes.
When my gf's friends were out of town, I stopped by their house one night and tried to enter. Low and behold a window (low enough to climb in through) was unlocked. I had a field day in one of the girl's panty drawers. She is a bigger girl with wide hips. Since she was out of town she didn't leave but two pairs. But I loved the pair of large cotton blue panties. I masturbated to them and rubbed my c*** all over.
Later that night, I went to another girl's house down the street. They were also out of town. I snuck in through a back door that led from the garage into the house. I went straight for the girl's panty drawer who I was attracted to most. She was a bigger hipped/ass girl too. She had a big pair of white cotton panties that left a fine memory in my fantasies. Oh did I c** A LOT!
If you ever lived with my girlfriend, chances are I went through and masturbated to your panties.
I would never c** in the panties in fear they would notice.
Just call me The Panty Hunter!

Jun 9, 2014

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  • Laffin,they will call you something entirely different in prison

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