Lesbian s** with my pregnant friend.

I was over at my best friends house the other night and she is 7 months pregnant and single. She was letting me feel the baby kick and while I was she said "it's been so long since I've been touched, I'm feeling myself getting turned on, I wish I could have some one make love to me" she went on to tell me how she was super h**** all the time since she's been pregnant. Now we have kisses a few times in the past when weve been drink infect so I thought I'd help her out a bit and slid my hand up her skirt and started rubbing her c***. I decided to go a bit further cos she was liking it so much and I ended up giving her oral. It was really hot and she offered to return the favour anytime. Don't want this to ruin our friendship tho cos she's been my bestie for like forever.

Jun 10, 2014

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  • After she delivers she will be lactating heavily after a few days, she may need help expressing. My wife needed help at times when she became engorged, it can be a very intimate experience and not necessarily sexual--but also can be very sexual.

  • You should keep licking her p**** for her till she delivers. she'll appreciate it.

  • This is the greatest thing I have ever read!!

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