Interracial s** in africa got me pregnant

Hi my mane is Julie

About me:
Height: 6'1
Hair: short/Blonde
Eyes: Blue/Green
Bust: 34c
Feet size: 8

I went to Africa in the July of 2010. For an exotic holiday with my Husband and Sister....We chose a beautiful yacht and headed to the coast line of Africa....we went all over and we found a small remote village which we visited but my husband said for me to not go back there as I did notice the attention I got being a blonde....but I just found it so interesting I went back on my own with my camera while the husband went into the sister refused to come with me

I set out and walked into the village....there was a sort of tribal dance of the woman told me I could look around...I went into one of the huts and was taking pictures when one of the young African tribesman came in naked....he had a slim build with a large but skinny c***...he came over to me undone my shorts I stepped out of them he removed my shirt and caterpillar boots then lifted me onto the matt...his c*** pushed against me and slowly slid inside me...I cummed instantly, he didn't care for my needs which turned me on I could tell I was just a c** dump and sure enough after 2 minutes of great s** he came deep inside me, ive never had a shot like it or have I since....he literally filled me.

to this day ive never told anyone this....but when I got back to the yacht and I lay there in the sun and I could feel his c** inside my tube....I just couldn't believe what had happened

3 weeks later I missed my period and I was pregnant.....I couldn't risk could of been my husbands but I couldn't risk it so I had an abortion.

Rule from this ladies...if you ever cheat make them use a rubber

I would like to hear if anyone has any stories or confessions like mine

Julie x


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  • Going bareback is the only way

  • My wife and I were married for 14 years. She only had one man before me and he was a HS sweetheart. I don't think she ever cheated. I was on a business trip and a neighbor invited her over to join some friends for drinks and finger food. A couple joints were passed around and my wife had only done that a couple times early in life. She got pretty high. Everyone was feeling everyone up and my wife was being felt up by the guys and the gals. She was totally out of it and aroused to a fever pitch. Her b**** were out and her shorts taken off. Fingers probed her ass and p**** and her nipples were kissed and bitten a bit. She had a huge o***** before she was f*****. She was f***** by 3 men
    and did a 69 with one of the women. They f***** all night. By morning she had at least 4 or 5 o******.

    The next morning when everyone was sober she realized she was never going to be the same. It was such a fantastic night that she would want to be their playmate from then on. But, how to tell me??

    She did not have to. Our male neighbor did that for her. He told me the whole story and I was in a state of shock. We were involved in a swingers group an did not know it and now my wife was an enthusiastic member. It took me 3 or 4 times to get comfortable with it but now I am a member too.

    I have to admit it is one outstanding life and I recommend it to all married couples. Here we were married 14 years, in a boring conventional s** life
    at ages 36 & 38 and suddenly our marriage became like our wedding night all over again.

  • We was in Central Africa. I was taking by 5 and know have a baby boy. He going to be like his father very big:👍🏿

  • It's now, not know.

  • Bullsh*t. I saw that movie. You just added the abortion part. The african warrior and white wife. Or something close to that. Trying ta bullsh*t us.

  • Yes. You're right. I saw the movie too. Horrible.

  • Lucky you didn't end up with HIV.

  • Should not have had abortion. Even if baby was black. A good husband would understand and accept it. Frankly, all white husbands should let their wife have a black baby.

  • That,s black man,s bullshit you are talking. No one want,s to raise another man,s baby. I know I would not. Look at how many women,s lives have been ruint buy your garbage. Unless the white man is a q**** .

  • No. A good husband would ditch the b*tch. Are you kidding? Understand and accept it. By saying the husband is good, why would he stay with something who is bad, ( I know I said something) and doesn't respect him. When she tells you or when you see it. Bye. If you really think all white husbands should let their wife ect. oh ok then. How about all good black husbands should let their wives have a white baby. You sound like a damn fool saying stupid things like that.

  • Yeah right. A real man would have divorced her ass quickly. She better have a aids test and others too. She,s lucky to leave so quickly and alive. When will women ever pay attention and learn from others mistakes.

  • As a white male i honestly believe that black are not supposed to wear condoms. Their sperm is a beautiful gift. There is a special flow about white women carrying their black babies that differ from the rest. If I were your husband i would be over joyed. I hope you make many more black babies.

  • Because from the sound of your words. You are either black or a closet f***** and your married to hide your dirt.

  • What real men out there have described sperm as a beautiful gift or has a special flow. Rise your hand if you've never done that ever. I think there's some seeded well, I don't want to say it but you're all thinkin it.

  • You mean as a black man or a f***** . That is the only person who would describe sperm. A f*****.

  • Hello I am 24 and have married a man from Ghana, and we have a daughter together. Now I am again pregnant and look forward to my fat belly with a black child, only the father is his friend! Once Black always Black Kiss Sara

  • When you go black--no body wants you back.

  • Way to go. Disrespecting your husband. You're awesome. "once black always black" of course for you there are no more ways to go. All the other ways are closed to you now. Just keep living that lie. That's my girl Sara. Honesty is the best, oh sorry Sara.

  • There is nothing a white husband can do once his wife is seduced by a black man. We had been married for 7 years when it happened to us. It was her boss who took her. When he came on to her she was afraid to try to stop him because she was well paid and loved her job. But once he took her it was all over for me He was so good she never wanted s** with me again. I have accepted my sexless cuckold marriage. It is a lot cheaper than a divorce.

  • So she wanted the money and didn,t think about the oath she took with you. She,s a w****. W**** are for the money and you are a fool and probably a closet f*****. After he bangs her. She comes home with his load and you eat it.That makes you a f*****

  • You have no choice since your folks disowned you and no white man would have you. How does it feels to be treated like s*** now? How do you make his living for him.He pimps you off or sale drugs? Have you been tested for aids?

  • I went to south africa alone on vacation in 2013, went to meet my ex bf. He took me for a drive and f***** me for almost 5 hours in his bakkie backseat. I went back home, after 3-4 weeks i missed my period. I kept the baby since my hubby and Ex are both from the same race. Hubby still doesnt know its not his baby

  • Mistakes. 1. Fed you for 5 hours. Honey, you'd be raw as h*** the next day. Nobody can go 5 hours. The backseat. Not only would you be raw but your back would kill you. 2. 3-4 weeks. Most people only have two weeks. What kind of job do you have that they'll let you take that much time off? Or do you not work? 3. Hubby doesn't know. What happens when he sees the b****** child you have. What then? DIVORCE! If this was true story. We all know that.

  • This is very common in villages of south africa

  • This is common everywhere. White women want black c*** and black men want white women. White guys have to realize that is the way it is. Accept it.

  • What do they care, they'll be dating/marring asian women. So there's nothing for them to accept

  • You should have kept the baby

  • Yes, cuckold is a future

  • All white husbands should accept being cuckold. Even if he does not know he is one, he is. His wife is f****** black guys and he is clueless.

  • Ever heard of GPS ? They will find out and it won,t be good for her either way.

  • I am a successful self employed executive with a graduate degree. I needed to be dominated and humiliated and married a younger woman after my divorce. I am an accepting cuckold now who submits to sexual torture and dominance. It is what I needed.

  • Your a f***** or a black person lieing

  • Sounds Like Something Elle MacPherson Did

  • Sounds Like Some Elle MacPherson Did

  • Using rubber is bad for enjoyment. The hot c** insde has no comparison..u did the right. Enjoyed and aborted .

  • If she had class, she shouldn't have had anything to abort. Sounds like a winner to me.

  • Yeah, it doesn't add up. Your bod is too "perfect" to be real. And no female would risk that. They'd at least fight them off, not just cooperate. So yeah. Sorry. FAKE.

  • Yup Fake

  • My wife was raped by 2 black guys outside a bar. She tried to fight them off but it was no use. They took her mouth, p**** and ass. She had several o******. She told me the whole story and saw me get hard listening to it. So, now she lets black guys f*** her and I love hearing her tell me about it and just JO.

  • I am African and for some reason,I don't believe this story.Facts just dont add up.

  • Sounds like a load of crap. your 6-1 and wear size 8. yea sure you are. bet your some teen boy's imagination.

  • I bet you don't regret getting f***** by the tribesman. so he didn't say anything to you, he just proceeded to start f****** you?

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