Interracial s** in africa got me pregnant

Hi my mane is Julie

About me:
Height: 6'1
Hair: short/Blonde
Eyes: Blue/Green
Bust: 34c
Feet size: 8

I went to Africa in the July of 2010. For an exotic holiday with my Husband and Sister....We chose a beautiful yacht and headed to the coast line of Africa....we went all over and we found a small remote village which we visited but my husband said for me to not go back there as I did notice the attention I got being a blonde....but I just found it so interesting I went back on my own with my camera while the husband went into the sister refused to come with me

I set out and walked into the village....there was a sort of tribal dance of the woman told me I could look around...I went into one of the huts and was taking pictures when one of the young African tribesman came in naked....he had a slim build with a large but skinny c***...he came over to me undone my shorts I stepped out of them he removed my shirt and caterpillar boots then lifted me onto the matt...his c*** pushed against me and slowly slid inside me...I cummed instantly, he didn't care for my needs which turned me on I could tell I was just a c** dump and sure enough after 2 minutes of great s** he came deep inside me, ive never had a shot like it or have I since....he literally filled me.

to this day ive never told anyone this....but when I got back to the yacht and I lay there in the sun and I could feel his c** inside my tube....I just couldn't believe what had happened

3 weeks later I missed my period and I was pregnant.....I couldn't risk could of been my husbands but I couldn't risk it so I had an abortion.

Rule from this ladies...if you ever cheat make them use a rubber

I would like to hear if anyone has any stories or confessions like mine

Julie x


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  • Lucky you didn't end up with HIV.

  • Should not have had abortion. Even if baby was black. A good husband would understand and accept it. Frankly, all white husbands should let their wife have a black baby.

  • Yeah right. A real man would have divorced her ass quickly. She better have a aids test and others too. She,s lucky to leave so quickly and alive. When will women ever pay attention and learn from others mistakes.

  • As a white male i honestly believe that black are not supposed to wear condoms. Their sperm is a beautiful gift. There is a special flow about white women carrying their black babies that differ from the rest. If I were your husband i would be over joyed. I hope you make many more black babies.

  • You mean as a black man or a f***** . That is the only person who would describe sperm. A f*****.

  • Hello I am 24 and have married a man from Ghana, and we have a daughter together. Now I am again pregnant and look forward to my fat belly with a black child, only the father is his friend! Once Black always Black Kiss Sara

  • You have no choice since your folks disowned you and no white man would have you. How does it feels to be treated like s*** now? How do you make his living for him.He pimps you off or sale drugs? Have you been tested for aids?

  • I went to south africa alone on vacation in 2013, went to meet my ex bf. He took me for a drive and f***** me for almost 5 hours in his bakkie backseat. I went back home, after 3-4 weeks i missed my period. I kept the baby since my hubby and Ex are both from the same race. Hubby still doesnt know its not his baby

  • This is very common in villages of south africa

  • This is common everywhere. White women want black c*** and black men want white women. White guys have to realize that is the way it is. Accept it.

  • You should have kept the baby

  • Yes, cuckold is a future

  • All white husbands should accept being cuckold. Even if he does not know he is one, he is. His wife is f****** black guys and he is clueless.

  • Ever heard of GPS ? They will find out and it won,t be good for her either way.

  • I am a successful self employed executive with a graduate degree. I needed to be dominated and humiliated and married a younger woman after my divorce. I am an accepting cuckold now who submits to sexual torture and dominance. It is what I needed.

  • Sounds Like Something Elle MacPherson Did

  • Sounds Like Some Elle MacPherson Did

  • Using rubber is bad for enjoyment. The hot c** insde has no comparison..u did the right. Enjoyed and aborted .

  • Yeah, it doesn't add up. Your bod is too "perfect" to be real. And no female would risk that. They'd at least fight them off, not just cooperate. So yeah. Sorry. FAKE.

  • Yup Fake

  • My wife was raped by 2 black guys outside a bar. She tried to fight them off but it was no use. They took her mouth, p**** and ass. She had several o******. She told me the whole story and saw me get hard listening to it. So, now she lets black guys f*** her and I love hearing her tell me about it and just JO.

  • I am African and for some reason,I don't believe this story.Facts just dont add up.

  • Sounds like a load of crap. your 6-1 and wear size 8. yea sure you are. bet your some teen boy's imagination.

  • I bet you don't regret getting f***** by the tribesman. so he didn't say anything to you, he just proceeded to start f****** you?

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