Nude car ride

Went nude swimming at the beach at night. Drove three miles in my friend's car with two other guys to a secluded beach we often went too. Fallowing us were Ann, Carol, Susan and Cathy in their car. Took a little convincing them but they said yes. We had all done pretty wild things and going swimming naked all together was sexy. I guess they wanted to see us naked as much as we did. The glare of the full moon provided just enough light to make out the shape of their nude bodies and !WOW! did Susan look good with out her clothes. I had always had a crush on her and imagine her naked many times. Such a sexy body I had to rush into the water to cover my erection. It was thrilling and a little embarrassing, but so much fun we soon forgot about not having any clothes on. I relaxed so much that I didn't realize my three friends had already gotten out of the water. Figured they were on shore waiting to get a show when the girls walked out. Instead I walked out just as they drove off saying "happy trip home" Stood there watching the girls putting on their clothes and realized my friends had taken my clothes and left stark naked on the beach. Heard nothing but laughter when the girls realized they had a naked guy in distress. I had a humiliating ride sitting in car naked with four joking girls coming up with ideas of how to get me home.
"So is it big or small" Cathy ask me, looking down at my crotch and blackmailing by holding up a towel. The thought of driving into town naked did really appeal to me, so I stopped covering myself, let them have look and ended up driving in circles getting hand jobbed. It was girls h**** night and they sure took advantage of it. Getting milked by the side of the road sure beat being dropped off home naked and humiliated and not having a key to get inside. I was sexed up to their hearts content and later found they were all part of the prank, when they confessed my clothes were inside car trunk all the time.

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  • =^_^= <( Fake as f***! bahahaha )

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