I come downstairs in my apartment building to the laundry room. Someone put soiled mens undies in my empty basket. There was only one other person doing laundry and his were in the dryer, so I threw the skid marked undies in with his clean clothes! F*****.

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  • I hate sharing washing machines with neighbors.

    There's always an a****** who thinks leaving their clothes in the machines for hours and days won't unconvenience anybody else.

    Then there are the idiots who done check their pockets

    Also run into people who don't actually know that you are suppose to use laundry detergent

    The worst are the parents who got high all night then sleep all day and order their younger kids to do the laundry - have found s***** diapers twice - hence why I now go to a laundrymat.

    People Suck!

  • I hate public laundry mats

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