I have a true Tiny P****

I have an undeveloped p**** that is 2.5 inch flaccid and 3.6 inch erect. It is shaved for many reasons and without being funny about it I prefer it that way. It gets over grown very fast and unattractive. The shaft shaved as my Ex said it was better sucking smooth. I am luck as the foreskin covers the head in both ways. My Ex found it difficult at first in our youth as she only ever had one man. She had a small hand but that made no difference. She found it better to use her two fingers. I was ok with that as the point of contact was greater and felt good. The foreskin slips up and down great with her fingers. No lubrication was ever used as I made my own quickly. She knew when to pull the skin back when I came. She could sense when this was going to happen.

I had to learn myself as I was from a family that said nothing. One day I was playing around as you do and I felt this almighty build up and it leaked out as I was still flaccid. I can only tell you my experiences and I remember it was a light shade of green. I asked myself “did I break it” Lol. I found pleasure after that and never looked back.
As for being tiny I never knew anything different. My first G/F dumped me quickly and I now know it was about size. My Ex and I were married a long time. We ended up friends as we drifted apart. We had 4 children and all mine Lol. She did get to experience one larger than mine. It was a 9 incher and she told me it was not much different. I think she was being nice about that…

Positions were normal and if I was asked I would say doggie. I believe it gives your partner a better ride. She sat on my lap both ways as well and she had control of pushing down to get as much as she could. Missionary was out as it did nothing for us both and I would fall out all the time.
Does having a tiny p**** make you c** quick? That is an open question and I don’t think so. However it was difficult for me to make her c**. After I c** she would take my p**** and rub it against her v***** and c**. I had many ways of making her c** and she liked them.

My tiny p**** also has fun on the internet. It has been seen by many and I suppose that makes me an exhibitionist. I am happy with that as I am with humiliation. You need to understand you get what is given. I think I have something many don’t. It is reverse engineering. You can enjoy your sexuality being small. Men admire it as well and that does not bother me. I think it is because it is easy to suck and you can take it all. It is also good for a*** which I did with my ex many times. For me it felt great and maybe normal. I not certain that last statement is true.
Have others seen it …. I don’t know but don’t care.

Be good and enjoy what you have as you can’t change it…

Jun 15, 2014

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  • Might my p**** that's only about maybe 4 1/2 inches help or hinder the relationship that I want that I have even been fantasizing about? I want to be dominated by a woman but I also want to pleasure her. I've also heard of I think it was 'superpubric fat' can also hide your full length though. If I get in better shape would it perhaps seem larger?

  • I have a 4in rock hard p****. Yes smaller penises c** quicker on average. The p**** originally started as a c***, so it has the same amount of nerve endings, its just spread out. So on 5,000 on a 4in p**** feels more, more often then 5,000 on an 8in.

    I can please a women, but not like other men, that's why I've gotten into interracial cuckolding

  • It makes me happy seeing someone who's more or less accepting of their body being not of the norm. So many people come here full of anguish and self hatred because their genitals are different. I'm glad that you are pretty happy with yours. Thank you for sharing this.

  • I have a micropenis because of a hormonal disorder. I have shown it on the internet anonymously. It has actually helped a lot with self acceptance. I have a lot of issues because of it. I've shown it to both guys and women. I've tried the whole humiliation thing but I realized that was just defense mechanism. What I really want is to be accepted by a woman even though I am infantile sized.

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