I want to f*** my cousin.

I'm 18 and my cousin is 27 and she's married and has one child, but she's so hot. I've been wanting to tie her up and f*** her so hard and c** inside her a****** for so long but she would never agree to it, lol. One time it was just her and I in the room and I was *this* close to pinning her down slightly to see how she'd react (I'd never rape her and I'm scared as to how she may respond in case she didn't want s**).

I've never had the courage to do anything because she's my cousin and she would most likely say no and cut off contact due to my incestry fetish. I just wanna f*** her face so bad and lick her until she's dry.

One other thing: she and her husband went on holiday for a week and I stayed in their house for the week until they got back. During this time, I got her panties from her drawer and licked them and masturbated over them and even cummed inside them. She fell pregnant a few weeks later and it makes me wonder if the kid's mine or her husband's. I doubt it's mine because she gave birth like a year later, rather than 9 months. But still, I wanna f*** her so bad.

Jun 15, 2014

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  • My guess she would cut all ties from you your a pervert !

  • Stupid... Go after her p**** and not her panties... Once the c** dries up it has no living sperms!

  • You are such an idiot to even think of pregnancy

  • I don't think she can get pregnant because you did that to her panties.

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