Great s**

I meet a guy on a website and a few days later met him at a hotel. We had the best s** ever and I let him c** in my p****. I know it was wrong to let him c** inside of me but I love the feeing of c** in my p****. I was ovulating so I went home and f***** my husband. I hope that I don't get pregnant because I'm bit sure who the father will be. I plan on seeing the other guy at the hotel at least 2 days each week. I'm a s***

Jun 15, 2014

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  • I wonder how your kids are doing

  • Which website did you use to meet this person? I would like to get on there!

  • Been wanting to find an ovulating woman like you to knock up but haven't yet.I wish I were the other guy.Why did you f*** him no protection knowing you were ovulating? Is he the same race or looks like your husband?

  • He's the same race but looks nothing like him. I love raw s** and need nut in me daily. I'm pregnant but don't know whose it is. And I don't care. I'm still f****** other men with no condom.

  • Get your ass on some birth control :) theeeeen get your p**** milking major c** from men !. I do it and love it, and I'm not an evil how find your self some shy married older men (35+ at least) they usually don't have tons of girls on the side.
    There's no better feeling than a p**** filled with c** :D

  • Don't want bc.

  • Dont stop, keep f****** that other guy. It's your p**** do what you want with it.

  • Yes you are. At least have the decency to use protection so as not to spread any std.

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