Her gaping p****

We're teenagers. We setup this tent in the middle of a public park. She is naked, flat on her back, and her legs are spread wide. A beautiful shaved p****. I started fingering her with one finger. She wanted more. I slipped in two. But that wasn't enough. I put in three. She is moaning louder. I gain some courage and slip in four. I have four fingers into my GF's p**** and she is loving it, no hint of pain whatsoever.

I'm f****** her with my palm now. Her body aches for more. I slow down to let her rest, and then I slip in my thumb. Her body settles.

I'm preparing myself. I know that her p**** is spreading so wide; I want to go through with it, but I feel uncomfortable that my GF will have such a used up p****.

I slide my hand forward, pass the knuckles, stopping right at the wrist. My hand disappears into her p****.

I pull out. I can't do it.

She gets up with a huge smile and kisses me passionate on the lips. "Did you enjoy f****** me like that?" I'm speechless, so I just nod.


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