In L*** with my Brother-in-Law

My husband has a younger brother that moved in with us a few months ago until he finds himself a job and a place of his own. They both look a lot alike, but my brother-in-law works out regularly and is in much better shape. One morning, after my husband left for work, he came down to the kitchen just wearing his boxers. I couldn't help check him out and he caught me staring at him, and then I noticed he started getting an erection. He looked embarrassed and I started blushing, but totally mesmerized by how much larger he was down there than his brother. I finally got to my senses and left the room before anything else happened, but now I'm obsessed with him, and seeing that, and that's all I think about even when my husband and I are having s**. It's crazy and I'm instantly aroused and h**** whenever I see him now.

Jun 24, 2014

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  • Come on you have to know he wants you he got a h****** just for you ,, I know something happen similar with me and my sister in law she was staying at our place I was in my swim trunks she came out in a bikini and laying out getting sun I was in the water looking up between her legs and yeah I got hard watching her and as I got out she rolled over and saw I had a stiff in my suit she smiled and said looks like you got a big problem I said well yes because of you laying there on your stomach and you but looking so good and not even talking your legs wide open I could straight up your covered barely covered pu==y she laughs I said it isn't funny I have to take care of it now all by myself cause your sister isn't home she then tells me well I can lend a hand if you want h*** yeah I said we went inside and sit on the couch she looks at me and said well bare it I said you really will help me out she reached over rubbed it through my swim suit I slid them down in a heart beat after she did that I knew she wanted to she holds my coc= and said wow it got so big just touching it didn't think it could get harder and I told it wasn't completely hard but sure is now she stroked it a little while then stopped took off her top and I liked her 36 b t*** always looks like they are standing firm and at attention nice nipples I ask her to take off her bottoms she wouldn't do it said she won't have s** that way but will help me out since it was her fault I ask to feel her t*** might as well she said after all I am feeling you right after that she drops to her knee's between my legs and wow she can suck a lolly pop and finish me off that way yes shallow she did after that day nothing has happen but I can still hope there will be a next time

  • Hey
    There is nothing wrong...just let him f*** you n get over this thought but try keep everthing within n makesure dont spill it out.
    Best of luck

  • He is attractive, and you are human. That is natural. It is okay to fantasize about him, but if you touch him, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Just a "heads up" . . . .

  • If you do it once you'll probably do it again, so really think about that before anything else. If you really have to, then you could create a situation when he takes you and you can always blame it on him if it were to ever come out. You obviously turn him on a lot too, so that should be easy, like wearing a really short robe, or crossing paths after a shower.

  • Just f*** him so you can feel guilty for the rest of your life

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