Addicted to Giving B*******

I'm sure most guys will read this post and think "Hey what's wrong with this?" but honestly it feels like it's ruining my life.

I am completely addicted to sucking guys off. And I think now, it's like some guys just have radar and can tell this about me, because I get guys openly making passes about it to me all the time, and I almost always give in.

This week I gave b******* to 8 different men. One was a guy I'm seeing off and on, so that's normal. But then my boss at work, I feel like maybe he read an email or a text I sent or something, because one day as I was getting ready to go home (after everyone else had already) he called me into his office, closed the door, and then just unzipped his pants. He didn't say anything, he just looked at me, expecting me to go down on him. And I admit, I didn't say a word, I just sank down on my knees and took his c*** in my mouth. Now he has me blow him at least twice a week, sometimes more. Sure it's hot, but I feel so weak and manipulable.

The 3rd guy this week was a guy I met on Tinder. I don't know why I get on there, because inevitably I will meet up with a guy and end up sucking his c***. This guy and I met in the park, I meant to just smoke with him and maybe make out, but sure enough within 10 minutes I was on my knees gulping down his c**. He was rough with me and pulled my hair and made me gag, and again it was hot, but like I should have some willpower shouldn't I? What if he was someone scary?

The 4th guy I blew this week was a friend. He was sad because his girlfriend had broken up with him, and we hung out so he could talk about it. I meant to just make him feel better platonically, but after he cried and hugged and we talked at some point I just offered to make him feel better, and put my hand on his thigh. I realize I totally instigated this one, and I enjoyed it - he hadn't come in a few weeks so I swallowed a lot. But now I'm worried about our friendship.

The 5th guy, this is the worst, it was the guy who towed my car home when it broke down. This was another one that I feel like just could read me, and even the moment he started hooking my car to the tow truck and I caught him checking me out, I knew - I knew in my stomach that I was going to end up blowing him. Sure enough, an hour later we're at my house and I'm sucking him off in the front seat of his tow truck.

The 6th guy this week was a guy I met at the bar. I wasn't even super attracted to him, but he flirted with me and one thing led to another and I was on my knees in the men's restroom, sucking his c***. Then #7, this one is the most humiliating, it was just some other guy who came in to use the bathroom. Guy #6 had just left, and I was in the stall, getting toilet paper to clean the c** off my face, and then I look up and see this stranger there. And we don't say anything, he just comes into the stall and I obediently get on my knees and take his c*** into my mouth and start sucking. He added his load to my face and I ended up cleaning two loads off instead of one.

The last one, #8, and I know this will sound funny, but it is my therapist. I went to him for this exact problem, to talk about why I am so addicted to sucking c***. And we still talk about it and try to find the cause... but every week I end up sucking him off too. He can recharge quickly so sometimes by the end of the therapy session I suck him off a 2nd time.

I swear I have a problem. I really do love doing it. I just wish I wasn't such an easy target, and had more self control.

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  • I wish i knew you. This is something i really love and need in my life. No worries lady you are the women!!

  • I love giving blow jobs and swallowing all his c**. I can't get enough. By accident one day I was blowing my a guy who turned out to be my brother now we bolw each other all the time.

  • Your brother?

  • I'm addicted to getting bjs, so we would be great together

  • Leave your mobile and u can have anova big c***

  • Let's g t together what's your email I am a therapist and could help you

  • My girlfriend sucks a lot of c***. Nothing wrong with that at all. She's blown five guys in one day. She keeps me happy; she can suck as much c*** as she wants!

  • I am a sissy panty waist and I would love to Blow those boys with you show me how to suck c*** like you do I would be real happy thank you sissy Jennifer!!!

  • Can I please c** in your mouth?

  • Now this is a real confession!!!!! Please take notes ladies!!!!

  • Well, on the other side of the coin, as a guy, I am addicted to eating p****. Most guys I know are too. I make no appolgies for it. It's just part of s** and I love doing it. Have been doing that since I was 17 and am now 35.

  • It is a problem because you end up feeling weak and out of control. Get another therapist, probably should be a woman, to work out this issue. Giving b******* should empower you and not make you feel like an addict.

  • Listen to this guy/gal.

  • I get a new therapist it sounds like that f****** just taking advantage of you.

  • I just want to meet you and get my turn.

  • That's not strange, I have the same addiction and I'm a married man. I sucked off 6 guys today. It's the same every day...2-8 guys a day. I have a glory hole set up in my garage and I have ads on Craigslist. I can't stop. My wife is upstairs and has no clue.

  • What's going on with straight guys these days? Everywhere I read, heterosexual men are invading my turf. I have been sucking c**** and swallowing c** loads since I was six. My grandpa got me started on his c*** and let me practice my God given talent in him until I was 30. Now at 50 all of a sudden I've got competition. And Lord help you dude, your wife catches you. Straight women don't take kindly to finding out their husband has a secret life as a C** GUZZLING C*********!

  • Where do you live?

  • Women who worked with me on midnight shift loved this. She had issues with saggy breast but loved to suck me. Was a nice mid shift after lunch pleasure. I did finally get her on the sofa and on the table. She found she loved the s** as well.

  • I hope you live in my area so i can run into you as well

  • Can I get a bj?

  • Oui

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