I want to be a h*****

I'm 15 years old but I'am going to wait until I'm 18 to be a h*****.
But right now I just want to have s** with older boys so they can get me things. The reason why I want to do this is because I live in the USA and the state that I'm living in is very expensive. It's like 950$ for a crack house apartment.

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  • I am older but I am afraid 15 is a bit old for me I like them under 13

  • Make sure you catch one of the STDs that leaves you sterile. As it is, I'm already gonna have to pay for your regular incarcerations, and I'd prefer to not have to also pay for anything you squeeze OUT of your c*****.

  • I think thats good i hope u enjoy whoring

  • Honey in your place, I'd stay in school. The way your post reads suggests that your life aspiration is to live in a crack house apartment. Is that really the best you can do?

  • I think u should at least wait until you're 18.

  • Why wait? you'll only be young once and the average age girls get into prostitution in the US is 11-12 so you may as well get at it.

  • Where can I find one 11 that is willing to have s**?

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