First B****** I Saw

I was 12 years old and staying at my friends cottage. We got up early the first morning to go fishing, because real fisherman get on the lake before sun up. We paddled out and fished as the sun came up. After about an hour we realized that we were so excited to get out that we hadn't ate breakfast and were starving. We paddled back to the dock and I told him I would run up and get something.

As I walked into the kitchen my fiends mom was making coffee. I told her I was going to grab something for us to eat. Knowing it would just be cookies or something unhealthy, she grabbed a small cooler and set it on the floor by fridge. As she bent to get some apples out I looked down her robe and realized that she was topless under there and I could see her t***. I later realized they weren't that big, but with gravity stretching them and the huge puffy nipples at the end of them it was the most amazing sight I had ever seen. I kept making up items for her to get so I could keep getting glimpses of her wonderful b******.

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  • My cousin developed early and let me play with hers. A much older 2nd cousin showed me hers, let me suck and play with. I was 10 or so at that time. A older girl my mom baby sat showed me how to have s** with her. I was 9 or 10, she had no t*** just no virginity. A much older boy had f***** molested her for a long time. We had s** every day in the garage or my tree fort. She sucked my c*** for me. Had me lick her. She finally told her mom the boy was doing and when it started. The boy was arrested and she was given treatment. Was a shame what he did to her.

  • I remember working at a road side produce stand on a farm when I was a kid. A really beautiful mom came in she, had a baby with her. I don't know if she breast fed in the car or what before she approached me. But her shirt was half unbuttoned and she had no bra on. She may as well have been topless I could see her one breast so much. I was maybe 14 but I remember have such a h****** and I wanted her. That was 30 years ago but I can't forget it.

  • You can just bet your bottom dollar that she was getting pretty hot knowing she was showing you her t***.

  • First b****** I ever saw in person, other than p***, was when I was 16. She was a very black Jamaican girl, 17 and lived up the street. Her parents and mine worked late, so we had plenty of time alone. We started out by getting naked for each other and playing with each other's parts. We then progressed to doing oral on each other, but she would never allow me to penetrate her. A year later she started dating some 23 year old low life doper who got her pregnant and then he split.

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