Why I enjoy seeing my wife have s** with my friend

For a long time I wanted to seeing my wife have s** with my bi racial friend . I am bi racial and been having a private relationship with him for about 2 years . We both are married with children, but he is about 12 years younger than my wife . He has a fantastic boy and p**** and in my mind to me I wanted to see her enjoy him . I became obsessed with the idea and had to fill her head with thoughts till she decided to try s******* him .

I have no fear of my wife falling in love with him nor him trying to take my wife away . But I thought because he was so good looking and had a far superior body and p**** that My h**** little wife would enjoy it and I was right . both him and I and his wife worked on seducing my wife till she finally gave in . I gave her privacy with him the first 2 times and they slept in our bedroom , she loved the all night s** and kissing him . Finally on the third time we got a Hotel on the beach for a weekend . He has had a vasectomy so no pregnancy . My thoughts came true on the third time . I actually go to watch her reactions and enjoy the s** as we shared a room with 2 queen beds . His p**** is much bigger than mine and she loves riding his hard c*** . It turns me on beyond belief to see her have multiple o****** with my friend . she actually responds to my commands now and loves s** with him and plans on doing this as long as she can .

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