Slept Nude in My Parents Bed

My family (me female, 12 at the time, younger brother, and mom and dad) had a cottage out in the middle of nowhere. We used to hike up to this old Forest Tower, climb it and each lunch overlooking the national forest.

One Saturday we were at the top when you could begin to see this dark cloud moving quickly our way. We packed up quickly, worked our way down the ladder (it's a slow process since the ladder is old) and started to head down the trail just as the first drops hit. By the time we were 1/2 way home it was raining cats and dogs.

The last leg to the cottage is up a steep hill, we each took at least one spill and had to basically crawl up the muddy side to get to the top. It took us almost 3 hours to get home from what is normally a 45 minute hike. As we got to the house and under the porch overhang, my mother made us take off all our disgusting clothes there before going inside.

My brother ran to our bathroom and my mom told me to use their shower to clean up. After I got out I realized I didn't have anything to wear. Mom told me to simply crawl into her bed and she would bring me something after she showered. My Dad must have used the hallway bathroom.

I was so tired from the hike that I was asleep within seconds. I woke up in the middle of the night with my Mom cuddling me. Dad was in the bed also but on the other side of my mom. Mom told me she didn't have the heart to wake me since I was so sound asleep.

Nothing sexual happened, but it was still a strange experience to be naked in bed with my parents.

Jun 29, 2014

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  • It's just nudity. It's not s**. I have seen and been nude with my parents and family hundreds of times. Not once was I molested, simply happy being natural. Sleeping in the same bed naked does not have to mean you have s**, yet that's what america has become, nude = s**.

  • Rather Strange I must say seems harmless though

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