Burgulary anniversary s**

I've always known I was bisexual and have had sexual relations with lots of women and men. This confessions comes from something which happened nearly four years ago. I'm 23 now, but was 19 when my parents deicided to go on a camping trip. Leaving me to mind the house. I was in bed after a long night out, and was awoken by the sounds of someone moving downstairs. At first I thought it was my parents, but when I fully awoke I remembered they were away. Putting on some shorts (I sleep naked) I quietly walked downstairs. It was still gloomy, but I could just make out a figure moving in our lounge. I don't where I got the courage from, but I ran and jumped on top of the smallish guy, who was at the time trying to put our LCD tv next to pile of other itmes he was about to theive. Landing on him I literally knocked the wind out of his lungs. At the same time as is fashionable, his jeans which were half off totally dropped revealing he wasn't wearing any underwear. Pinning him down I realised who he was. It was a right shady little f***** who lives a few blocks from our home. I also knew from looking at his bare ass, my d*** was becoming erect. With him still pinned I lowered my shorts, spat on his ass and in one long smooth push, I entered his ass. He tried to scream, but I pushed his face into the rug we were on. Then with my c*** fully buried up his a****** I began to f*** him. He struggled at first, trying to get away, then after a few minutes of my c*** ramming his tight pert a******, he stopped struggling and started to push back onto my thrusting c***. It was his reaction which made me really begin to hammer his a****** and his moaning changed from pain to pleasure. By the time I was ready to c**, he'd already unloaded all over the rug underneath him. Holding him tightly down I thrust into his a****** one more time and filled his well f***** ass with my c**. Letting him get himself together, he made me promise not to tell anyone he'd enjoyed being f*****. I did promise, but I also made him promise he'd visit me again. Only when he did it would be for pleasure alone. Two nights later he stayed over and I taught him just how much he would enjoy my c*** f****** his mouth and a******. Four years on, every now and then, we get together when his girlfriends away and have a whole night of s**.

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  • This is so full of s***. Only in a comment online does a*** s** go as smooth as butter, with no effort at all even though it never goes this well when two people are cooperating. Liar, stupid story and most of all I hope the little weirdo's gf knows so she can make an informed decision whether to be exposed to this perversion or not. I'm so tired of cheaters wasting someone else's life away

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