I love the smell of a woman's ass!!!!!

I love a woman's ass smell rather if it's smelling their ass or their dirty panties. I love when women ware tight pants and they bend over in front of me I would sniff their ass without them knowing it. Smelling a woman's ass smell gets my p**** really hard. If there is any women out there that wouldn't mind me smelling their ass please let me know.

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  • Love to smell women clean c** booty exposure ben down put my nose in it like mango pineapple watermelon inhale it till 6:00am morning it's stinks real good sniff on weekends Saturday and Sunday late night soft love music always have awesome time taste it lick it Russian women don't mind smell stinky booty period squirt no fart enjoy the stinky booty a****** satisfy guarantee

  • I like to lick a woman’s pu$$y from behind when she’s on all fours. I can really get my face all up in her crack and get a good whiff of her a$$.

  • Love to smell lick taste stinky women booty a****** put my nose in it sniff it away it's fun during the weekend smell like period or fish butter pecan watermelon really like that she Ben down naked t*** room no light boy it stinks but turn me on advice keep your partner nothing like awesome stinky women booty give her 10 score take care herself even she don't take a shower that's good thing close behind doors it's fun and it's safe

  • I love the smell of my wife’s ass. When I’m doing her from behind, I spread her ass cheeks and get a good whiff of her pheromones.

  • My name is Ginger from Cali.
    I'm 5"5 and I weigh 220lbs with a big butt.
    I drop 4 dueces daily💩
    And my turds are 7-8 inches long.
    They look like dark chocolate and smell horrendous.
    I would be honored if you would smell my a*** after I take a healthy dump.
    Respond with interest and I will post contact details.
    My 💩 is waiting for YOU.

  • I’m interested ginger

  • Interesting 👅👅

  • I would love to smell your big ass after not showering

  • Ginger

  • Ginger, I’m in San Diego and I would love to sniff your fundijo.

  • That’s hot

  • U fool

  • I would love to smell your ass and allaround the sides aftetwards!

  • Lol

  • Ginger do you fart on a guy when he sniffs OT licks your butt?

  • Ginger please email me i would to sniff your big ass

  • Dear ginger I love a girl who let me sniff a*** without mind it ...so you are perfect for me. Please be my friend and chat about it please I am from India

  • May I also inhale it please??

  • What part of cali

  • Lol.. funny but are you real

  • Like to smell that stinky ass really good lick it taste it incredible hulk all over the room no shower if she take no bath wipe her behind that's cool nothing common stinky booty crack cheeks nose in it have fun during morning hours

  • Love smell stinky ass lot it's fun turn me on stinky ass all day long incredible hulk stinky ass nose in it sniff it away that's the way of stinky women ass hands down

  • Love to smell ass every moment sniff lot taste it nonstop like it no complaints about it she ben down in a dark room smell f***** ass good give her 10 score advice i go for smell ass on birthday during the week or weekend still smell damn good

  • I like the smell of v***** after they have been sitting on it all day

  • I also like that stink .i dont know why hahah

  • Hi. My name is Buttsniffer and I'm a ass-a-holic

  • I'm Ginger read my post.
    Would you like to take a nice sniff of my butt💩

  • My name is sameer and I am from India
    You really like if a guy inhale your ass?
    If yes so you are perfect for me .

  • Yes dear I would be lucky if you let me sniff your stinky a******

  • I would love to smell lick taste your whole bottom.

  • Me too, i love it, the smell, taste, look!

  • Me l like it so so so much

  • Ever try a sheep their p u s s y is just like a girls

  • Oh and the smell of a woman's period ...lol

  • The taste is better

  • You know when they do p*** do you think they ever fart when the guy is licking her a*** whole ....LOLOL

  • Yes, most women do love to have their ass eaten, and I am one of them. My husband won't eat the ass, won't even finger it or f*** it, but my boyfriend does all that and he does it really really really good. He'll even eat my ass right after I've had a b-m, and when he does that it turns me into an insatiable w****. God that is so nasty, just thinking about it makes me want to go get f*****!! F***** in the ass of course!!!!!!

  • Damn

  • Is your ass stinks

  • Wish I knew you...I am so beating my meat right now.

  • I need a woman who force me to sniff her stinkiest a****** .and i sniff that with love

  • I like big women unwashed stinking a****.it turns me over. Ginger write to me .Ben west africa

  • Well here I am.
    Ginger here I'll force you to take a wif of my FUNDIJO after I drop 3💩💩💩

  • Ohh dear ginger please come on my bed without wash your butt scince one week hahah

  • Yes yes l like that😛

  • Really ? So i can sniff and eat all night

  • I'll be your slave ;)

  • I love that too! Love eating a women's a******. I would absolutely love to eat a sexy women a****** after she took a nice sh%t! She wouldn't need any toilet paper!

  • What a beautiful woman!!!

  • I like the smell of my own ass. I like to stick my fingers up my ass and smell them.

  • smell that ass eat that ass wreck that ass!!!!


  • Oh, yeah, gotta have that ass!!!!

  • Since most women don't get their a**** eaten very often (men are not very willing to do that for us), if you will eat the ass, you can have almost any woman you want. If men knew that, they'd be getting more p**** -- and ass -- than they could handle. Wise up, men!!!

  • I do it any time she wants.

  • Your sniffing my ass cheesw

  • Oh I hope you are right...thought women thought was dirty..

  • I love that smell and taste of a woman booty hole

  • I eat womens ass. They love it!

  • Same here. LOVE the smell and taste of that ass!!!!!!!

  • All a**** smell the same...men AND women's.....

  • Really does women's also stinks same man's??

  • . . . and you know this how?

  • Total agreement here. I just totally f****** love smelling and eating femme ass. Yeah . . . ..

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