My boyfriend likes tumblr p***. HELP!

The other day I found my long distance boyfriend of 4 months tumblr account. I looking down his profile a bit and it was just about the bands he likes and some cute long distance relationship posts hes re blogged which was cute.

However, I then decided to look at his 'likes' and I was disgusted. I looked through all his likes and it was covered in lesbian p*** posts, s** pictures and disgusting videos of the sort.

I personally feel violated and don't feel as though I can talk to him properly now. I find it f****** disgusting. Yes guys can look at p***, but at least hide that you do as much as possible! Is he really that stupid to not think people can see your likes? All social media enables you to see other peoples 'likes' or 'favorites'.

I just need some help as to how to deal with this and if I should bring it up to him? I know its an EXTREMELY embarrassing subject but I'm not going be able to help myself looking at his likes everyday and see what disgusting stuff hes liked. Please help me because I do love him but for me this is putting a strain on the relationship now.

Please help me? Thank You. Zoe xoxo

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  • Sounds like your b/f has nothing to hide if he has likes on FB .
    Your not going to find a guy out there who dose not watch p*** .
    Heck even girls watch p*** , I know I do :)

    If he was watching child p*** then I would report his ass and kick him to the curb , but if it's adults then so be it .

    If you need to talk to him then do it but don't make him feel bad or 2 things will happen ..
    1 - He will hide it , and do you really want him sneaking around ?
    2 - Watch it with him

  • Trust me, i would find it weird if your boyfriend DIDN'T look at p***. Especially since you guys are in a long distance relationship! Would you rather he go out looking for real women rather than just p*** on the computer?

  • I can speak from experience as a 26 year old married man with kids, p*** is like fasion, when your young the latest p*** videos turn you on as you get older though and life changes you start to go off of p*** to a point you find it boring (i am exaclty that) when i was younger i couldn't get enough of it, now that i'm married and have experimented with most things you see in p*** the novalty of p*** has worn off basically what i'm saying is think of your BF liking p*** as a phase in his life that he will grow out of till then grin and bear it possibley even suggest acting out some of the things he has learnt watching p*** you might find it makes the relationship more exiting so then both of you are finding enjoyment from p***. As they say most of us learn s** education through p***.

  • Grow up. It's just p***, every guy does , I mean every guy. We all talk about it behind our wives backs. We love to touch our selves and pretend we are with other b******. It's a man thing and you got a man. So slide down his poll, swallow his load and become dirty little s** pot and have some ducking fun.
    What the f***? This is 2014

  • Zoe, as an older guy, I speak from a lot of experience. Just because a guy looks at different kinds of p*** doesn't mean that he is interested in doing all that. It just turns him on, that's all. And with you being long distance, he doesn't have you there to turn him on. So he needs something. You are right - he shouldn't put it out there for all to see IMO, but that seems to be the way the younger generation rolls. I think you need to loosen up your preconceived ideas about s**. A good place to start is to try and talk to him about it the next time you are together. DON'T talk to him about it unless face to face.

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