My wife controls our s** life

My wife decided I was a "S** Addict". Things got pretty tense and we went to marriage counselling and also to see a s** therapist. The outcome they diagnosed me as a being addicted to s**. I have to go cold turkey. I mean I am not allowed to m********* or have s** with her or o***** for 3 months. Its called a period of sexual sobriety. During this time I have to be nice to her. I have to put aside my feelings and I am supposed to concentrate on her. I am supposed to be gentle and turn her on and stimulate her if she wants me to with my finger.

Once a week we meet with the s** therapist and we talk about all the intimate things my wife and I have done and they question me about if I have masturbated or done anything to hinder my recovery. Its like the Spanish inquisition or something. All these intimate questions and answers.

I love her very much but at the same time I am so so frustrated. I spend almost all my waking hours with a raging h******. I cant stop thinking about s**. Any woman that walks near me is the subject of my gaze and my dreams.

When I get home I then start to feel constricted or depressed or frustrated

Jul 3, 2014

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  • Wow that sounds like a exciting marriage , maybe you suck in bed so she doesn't want s** with you .. try oral s** on her more often instead of just f****** her dip s*** ... She's got you whipped

    babababa !

  • Your therapist is an idiot. You will start to develop prostate issues. Pain in the low groin area and start to leak seaman. A real therapist would have you both have s** daily for three months. Period time as well. Would develop the sexual knowledge of each other. He or she should be fired and give you a refund.
    I have worked with couples in marriage and sexual counseling for years.
    Get in bed and loose the more d*** in her idea, the harder you f*** her the better she likes it. Ask her to take the top position and you lay there. Let her tell you what feels good, depth and speed. You may find she only needs a few inches in and all the way out of her to o***** hard. most of all its learning each other and developing passion.

  • I understand how you feel.. I feel the same way. I love my husband but I want more. He just doesn't satisfy me anymore and I need more! I'm sorry you are going through this and I hope you get help or get your freedom. Some women out there want s** as much as some men. Those 2 finding each other is sometimes the hard part.

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