I wana f*** my sister in law

Hey folks,
My sister in law is very hot, she is a university graduate n banking analyst. She is 22 years old and still virgin . I set my eyes on her coz she has nice tight ass n very compllexion body...i really wana f*** her if opportunity arises..yu know she told my wife who is three years older that she needs a guy to settle down now that she is working. I told my wife that there are handful of guys who can get along with her, unfortunately she is not hooked to anyone yet. Every time she sees me she makes fun only.. Wben i f*** my wife n before i come....i yelled at her name n stroked on my wife. The urge in me to f*** my SIL is so great that i dont really care if my wife finds out. Please help me how i can successfully f*** my SIL. If someone gives me a very professional and workable advice...i promise to reward you with US 1000...im that serious...please send me your advice and address to claim your price, please be adviced that i will only send reward to those advice that im sucessful with.
Im so desperate

Jul 4, 2014

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  • Go and see a GOOD PYCHOLOGIST, you need help which go's way above just satisfying yourself sexually, you need MENTAL HELP, your problems sound like OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER, for starters, sounds like your first problem is getting obssessive images of your sister in law which you cant get out of your head, this can be cured with MEDICATION which gets rid of obssesive images and obsessions with things we 'cant have' and whats the reason you want her? the only reason you want her is because she is forbidden and your sister in law, thats all,...so why dont you start getting attracted to someone different instead, someone you are ACTUALLY attracted to, because if you search within, you may find you were only attracted to her because she is forbidden, your forbidden sister in law...now, i have given you enough help, and some hints to get you moving in the right direction, which is not to your sister in law, but to the first good therapist pychologist that you can find that will help you with your problems................

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