I think i have stank p**** ??

My bf never goes down on me anymore. And if he do, it'll be for like literally 2 seconds. One time he told me my p**** tasted like chemicals & that i had a smell. But another time he told me my p**** tasted like skittles. Like wtf lol idk anymore.

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  • Check your diet, girl! Your lifestyle plays a huge role in how your kitty tastes and smells. Drink water to flush out your system. Eat fruits (pineapple!) to give it a sweet, citrusy flavor. In this case, you literally are what you eat so keep that in mind. Exercise so you can sweat out toxicity and make sure you have good hygiene! Invest in baby wipes if you can and be sure to learn the proper way to wipe your vag. Try to stay away from red meat, asparagus, and garlic. You can still eat them, just try not to when you're expecting some lovin'. My bf said I tasted best when I was vegan. I've switched over to vegetarian now and I definitely noticed a difference in my odor when I began incorporating dairy into my diet again, so I make sure to eat a lot of fruit when I know something is going down between us *wink wink* lol.

  • Sometimes guys (like me) will eat a lot of p**** earlier in the relationship but, when things get routine, we tend to get right to what feels good to us (intercourse). So, it could be that there is nothing at all wrong with your cooch.

    On the other hand, you probably want to make sure that your cooch is and smells healthy, just to be sure. But I'm a guy and I can't give you advice on how to do that!

  • Maybe u need to see a doctor. could be a sign of something more serious ,

  • Also I can taste if a woman smokes. What you eat or use can have a big effect.

  • Eat more fruit and less junk food. Also avoid onions

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