I fantasize about my bf bringing home a f*** surprise for me

I do not want to cheat on my boyfriend of 4 years, even though that's what it will sound like :s
I have had an unrelenting fantasy that one night my boyfriend would have a special plan in mind for me resulting in him bringing over one of his friends or taking me to his friends place with one main objective in mind.... To watch and order me to f*** his friend(don't really have anyone in mind, but a few of his friends have actually asked him for permission to f*** me and he got mad at them)*sad face* I hadn't even thought of this till he told me about them asking but now I can't shake the idea of how f****** hot it would be to have that experience WITH him.
Its not that I want to f*** around and such, I want him to enjoy watching and be very aroused by it and then be dying to f*** me like an animal after.
He is very vanilla in bed (I know he has some sort of sexy desire he isn't telling me but even with asking he won't tell me, just keeps saying he doesn't really have any fantasies beside the obvious girl girl boy threesome. Can that be all there is ?? )
I have literally no idea if he'd ever go for this idea at all, sadly I'm pretty sure he'd be very angry if I brought it up(he's pretty insecure, and doesn't need to be)

Does anyone have any kind of advice or tips, please don't be rude as I am not going to do ANYTHING with anyone else unless he sets it up or consents to it.
I love him dearly and I want to have some fun and make some kinky memories with him before we wake up one day 40+ wondering why our lives have been so dull sexually and intimately.

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  • If he won't do it then you could pick one of his friends and f*** them without him knowing. Then go home and s**** your boyfriend like mad knowing that you have it secret and he'll never find out. I've done that to my spouse many of times and trust me it's just as hot. It is the secret of it that makes it hot but you know it, you got away with it, they just f***** you after you had somebody else. Try it, don't wake up when your life is half over. Having a good time. The desire is there for a reason you are lacking something, or you need this, don't let him hold you back because he is a prelude. Signed, "been there done that want to do it again!"

  • My ex brought home her GF's for me to enjoy. She wanted me under the covers nude and to watch as the meat when in them. The look of surprise and discomfort. She said she wished I had filmed her first response as I stretched her out. She was into pain, not her no me but her friends. last one she brought home was a married co worker. I did her that night for an hour and she begged to leave. Said it was sore and hurt. She had o***** and the s** she wanted to try. Just had enough. My ex talked her into a bit more, just to have the memory. I found out later she told her if she did not, she would tell her husband.
    She was pretty f***** in the head.

  • If you fulfill his fantasy with the girl girl boy thresome, he will probably be more open to share you with his friends.

  • At the very least he'll have a harder time justifying saying 'no'. I mean, he gets to have his threesome but you can't have yours? How's that work?

  • My guess is he's just as worried about your reaction to his fantasies as you are about his.

  • True^^^^ ive had those fantasies too and me being a guy can say that even though I want something like that.. what if my spouse likes it to where she wants it all the time.. some fantasies ate best kept as fantasies unless you can handle the outcome... he probably wouldnt..

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