Daughter's panties

Whenever my daughter is at work, school or out with friend's I go into her room and take her dirty panties out of the hamper and use them to m*********. I like to lick her juices off the crotch and I love how it feels rubbing them against my wet p****! Sometimes I take her clean ones and m********* with them, get my c** and juices all over the crotch and then put them back in her drawer. I get so turned on thinking about my c** on her p****! Any other naughty mommies like to m********* with their daughter's panties?

Jul 6, 2014

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  • I have a 13 1/14 and a 16 year old granddaughter all three of my granddaughters have caught me sucking and dirty panties my 13 yo granddaughter walking on me last night sucking she booked it to me things are in my d*** and what did Jackie me off in a pair of her panties Staffing painful in my car get up I like that Mystikal made her mouth insect if I come over payments good Papa

  • Yes please

  • I c** in my daughters and neighbours daughters panties.

  • Don’t we all

  • Last night i nutted in a pair of crisp pa ties of my daughters im sure she masterbated in with how thick the smell was i nutted so hard it filled the whole crotch .... She seems to be wanting to express he want to be touched but to shy at the moment i love watching her in her little shorts waiting for a good chance to lick it til she nuts all over my face mmmmm its gonna be so nice

  • Very hot. I do the same and absolutely love it. I love to share them with others as well!

  • That’s hot I use to c** in my steps and she wore them

  • I have some of my 16yo daughters dirty worn stained panties. $50 cash app if you want them

  • How do I inquire

  • I'd love. PayLess ac guy at Gmail. Send email and tell me what you have!

  • Body pic

  • She enjoys taking nudes for guys in her school, so I grab her phone at night and forward them to me.

  • Email me and we can share. thebluestdevil@yahoo.com

  • I have a 12 and 16 step daughters that I often do that to. They smell great and I love j****** off in them

  • Love to jerkoff in them

  • And step daughters aren't blood. Lucky guy you!

  • Wana sell some

  • My daughter comes home from college tonight and I'm most excited about the past ties she is bringing. I've. Missed her scent

  • So hot!

  • Ive really wanted to take my daughter why she sleeps open that tight virgin p**** up and just ease my self inside she send signs of wanting it bad ive just never crossed that line due to nurves

  • Me to wanna take my daughter

  • Id love to take ur daughter if she is open to lettin me taste it

  • Yes

  • I got to smell her panties fresh off her p**** as she was gettin into the shower i instantly was hard if only it was a little more open ...

  • I love to sniff and JO with my daughter dirty panties as well. Has always been a big fetish of mine. You cant trust me in a house with any girls ditty panties, I will steal and enjoy them in any and every way I can!

  • Very nice I do same love little girl panties

  • I love to sniff and w*** over my daughters panties

  • Me to she 10

  • Mmm very nice how old she hope she young

  • My daughter is 15 I love sniffing her dirty panties ,,,she caught me one day

  • Wow me too, i love my daughters panties. They smell heaven mmmmmm. i am her father.

  • I was caught one day too, hottest day ever! Would love to share stories.

  • I’ve been caught too.

  • Plz tell

  • Nice what did she say

  • How did she feel was she excited???

  • Same here no hamper is safe

  • I f*** my wife after j********** with my step daughters dirty panties

  • I used to go into my daughter's room and get her pantes to wear, and masrerbate with a look to. I borrowed them gor a day or two, then retun them. Some with c** in the crotch. I alo borrowed her thigh high socks & a bra out to an adult bookstore, for s**. I stopped at a thrift store along the way one time with the socks showing with my short pants. A woman working there commented that she liked my thigh high socks. When I was very young, I took my sister's panties many times to wear, along with a bra. I also took panties from my friend's sister to wear. One of them took several pairs of my friend's sister's panties. When i would come over to his house his sister would be just wearing a pair of panties with a tshirt around.

  • Nice,pics?

  • Naughty Aunt. My niece used to come over to stay, when she was 12/13 she would confide in me about boyfriends and sexual feelings. I would encourage her asking her all about what they did etc. I got h**** talking to her, I would ask how her body was developing and got her to undress to show me.
    My boyfriend at the time would secretly stand outside the door listening and peek when he had the chance as I never fully closed it.
    I used to give him her dirty panties after our chats, they were often damp and carried her p**** scent, it got him really h**** and we had Somme amazing s**.
    Our chats got more intimate and ended up with me letting her watch me m********* and then I watched her do it encouraging her as I eagerly. Looked at her young p****.
    Afterwards I was so h**** my bf f***** me all night talking about her body.

  • So hot! Email me thebluestdevil@yahoo.com

  • Email me. thebluestdevil@yahoo.com

  • Sexxxxxy and hornyou as f***, love it

  • Im a dad and I use my daughters panties to jerkoff. I love her smell

  • Same hear

  • I’m also a single dad with a 15 years old daughter,I do enjoy playing with her panties

  • Does she get wet

  • Like this Wanna talk about it

  • Mmm love to smell and j*** off in little girl panties

  • Love my daughters dirty knickers

  • Want to talk to dad’s who like sniffing and cumin in daughter panties

  • I love smelling and wearing my stepdaughters and daughters panties while I f*** their mommy. It gets her hot too

  • Email me thebluestdevil@yahoo.com

  • Email to me i love my girls too. lalithdaananda@gmail.com

  • Jed47331 atyahoo

  • Me to

  • Mmm very nice where you from

  • Me too

  • Same here I love to suck them clean

  • Me too I love the smell so much

  • Purely natural.

  • How old is she

  • How big are her t*** is her v***** hairy or shaved

  • My daughter has a light trimmed p**** she pulled it out to show concerns ... So i fingered her why she slept she was moani g and getting real gooey when she all of a suddun woke up but never mentioned it mmmm how i want her to spread her little p**** on my thick c***

  • All good daughters are smooth.

  • One time my daughter apologized to me for not waxing recently, lol

  • Can I see her. Let's share pics. thebluestdevil@yahoo.com

  • What did you say?

  • Good for you.

  • If this wasn't your daughter,to h*** with that. Sick!

  • I love to f*** f*** daughter

  • I wanna f*** mommy

  • Love it

  • Oh you moms are freaks...yall just gave me a big h******.would yall eat your daughter out

  • Kinda f***** up, i mean thats your daughter WTF.If you do that to your child then you have serious problems and dont deserve to be a mom..

  • I am a very dirty mommy as well;). I would love to hear more about you thoughts on your daughter. My daughter is 12 and becoming a woman, her panties and her youthful p**** smell and taste so wonderful.

  • Email me. I LOVE dirty mommy's. I'll show you pics of my daughter. thebluestdevil@yahoo.com

  • Can I have your daughter's panties?

  • Love to get my hands down a 12yr old panties mmm

  • They taste great at that age

  • 12 is a nice age. Her panties must smell wonderful....especially when she is on her period..

  • I like that tell me more

  • How big are her t*** is her v***** hairy or shaved will u sell me a pair of her dirty underwear

  • Girls get little t*** and hairs on there p**** at 10

  • Mmm i would like to see some pictures of her nice n wet dirty panties. .....yes i would help you out with useful help in return

  • My daughter started developing at 11, first in her class. They came in fast and big. All the boys teased her and she hated it at first but by the end of the school year she loved all the attention and let all the boys feel her up. She would just stand there holding her shirt up for them and let them take turns squeezing them. She was very popular with all the boys. By 12/13 she was letting all the boys feel her up all over and giving them hand jobs. She also discovered internet s** and phone s** at that age. She confided in me and I told her it was ok to have fun. I also took her panties and licked the crotch and masterbated in them. She is now 31.

  • Email me thebluestdevil@yahoo.com I wanna hear more

  • Love to get my hands down a 12yr old panties

  • I'd love to have her panties also!👅💓

  • Sounds very kinky
    I like it

  • Blink if you have a mommy kink.

  • How old is your daughter? can she still get pregnant?

  • What type of panties she wears?

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